A podcast about a TV show about a podcast?  A TV episode inspired by a TV episode? We’re full meta this week as we discuss, “Nightmare at 30,000 feet.” Robert and Darrell try to decide if this was just a nightmare by the main character, an alternate universe where space travel to Mars is commonplace but people still listen to podcasts, or did Justin lose it and he really is fully to blame for the plane crash. Much love is given to Dan Carlin, who narrates the episode’s podcast recording. We loved all the supporting actors, the music, the lighting and maybe loved all that too much because we couldn’t guess who the Air Marshal was. Luckily for us our Talking Tina segment’s listener feedback covered us.

We discuss PTSD and we salute Jordan Peele’s new show and the well placed diversity we’re seeing in both new episodes. If our podcast starts predicting the events happening around you in real time, I suggest you start asking some obvious questions like, “Am I in the Twilight Zone?,” or at least, “Hey will someone else listen to this weird recording? I promise I don’t have lice!!!

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