Here it is!! Season 1: Episode 1, The Comedian. The long wait is over. Join Darrell and Robert as they discuss the episode’s hits and misses, former Twilight Zone connections, current news, and science and culture topics related to and inspired by the show.

Was a Twilight Zone Episode about stand up comedy supposed to be funny? All things are possible in the you-know-where. Stand Up terminology to follow on purpose, Darrell slays us pointing out a ton of old show Easter eggs. Robert crushes with his knowledge of Classic Greek comedy and drama theory —and notices he is a little too much like Rena’s mentor/friend who gets what’s coming to him. Darrell is especially impressed with the soundtrack and both guys do a deep cut as they talk about the nature of what true redemption is and should Samir be fully redeemed by his self sacrifice?

Talking Tina segment listener’s feedback made us reflect if we can handle more episodes of TZ dropping explicit language. And speaking of language, Robert completely nerds out talking about Drew Carrey’s library book on joke writing that sparked Drew’s career and gave him the discipline he needed to craft his act. At no point has Drew ever said, “…a well regulated….”

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