“Repo Man” raises a few questions, but the main one is “what’s this about?” There’s a reason why this movie made number one in our 1984 Cult Classics series. It’s good, it’s interesting, but it’s far from main stream. Join Cory and Podcast Overlord Kevin Bachelder as they try to untangle this web of sci-fi, comedy, social blame and the repo business.


Otto is working at the grocery store when he loses his temper and quits. Befriended by a Repo Man, Otto sees vehicle repossession as a kind of modern buckaneering. He is attracted by the adventure and the ‘who gives a damn’ attitude of the other Repo men. At the same time a package is taken from a government lab that has strange effects on anyone who sees it. It is hidden in a car which the government lists for reposession with a hefty reward.

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