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In episode 64 of TripleCast, Cory and Travis do the tell of history back and “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.” When his vehicle and all his possessions are looted by the eccentric pilot Jedediah and his son Jedediah Jr. The Road Warrior known as Max Rockatansky arrives in the desert oasis “Bartertown” ruled by Aunt Entity, where people living in the post-apocalyptic Australian outback go to trade for food, water, weapons and supplies. Max gets caught up in a power struggle and agrees to fight Master Blaster, a tiny man and his masked muscle-man, in the gladiator like arena “Thunderdome” on behalf of Aunt Entity. But as the fight nears its deadly climax, Max’s conscious gets the better of him and he is banished to the desert wastelands.
There he is rescued by a tribe of children, who think Max is a pilot named Captain Walker, who is the chosen one who will take the children to the promised “Tomorrow Morrow Land”, and learns the children are survivors of a plane crash from the nuclear war. Agreeing to help the children in their search for “Tomorrow Morrow Land”, Max and the children set off across the desert wastelands and return to Bartertown, where Max has score to settle with Aunt Entity.

“Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome” stars Mel Gibson as Mad Max Rockatansky, Tina Turner as Aunty Entity, Frank Thring as The Collector, Angelo Rossitto as The Master, Robert Grubb as Pig Killer, Angry Anderson as Ironbar, Helen Buday as Savannah Nix, Rod Zuanic as Scrooloose, Tom Jennings as Slake and Bruce Spence as Jedediah the Pilot.

Cory & Travis also talk about recent movie news and trailers for Point Break and The Cooties.

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