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In episode 58 of TripleCast, Cory and Travis begin to thaw out some films that feature Cryogenics, beginning with “Encino Man.” Dave Morgan and Stoney Brown are two high school outcasts who, while digging in Dave’s backyard for a swimming pool, find and thaw out a block of ice containing a man from the Ice Age. Dave and Stoney try to pass him off as a regular teenager and Link becomes seriously popular at school and this causes Dave and Stoney to become popular in the process. But Matt Wilson, the school’s most popular guy, after being pissed at Dave and Stoney for getting friendly with his girlfriend Robyn Sweeney, discovers Link’s real identity and it’s a question if whether anyone will believe his story that Link is really from the Ice Age.

“Encino Man” stars Sean Astin as Dave, Pauly Shore as Stoney Brown, Brendan Fraser as Link, Megan Ward as Robyn Sweeney, Robin Tunney as Ella and Michael DeLuise as Matt Wilson.

Cory & Travis also talk about recent movie news and trailers for Spectre, Slow West and Maggie.

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