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Priscilla Queen of the Desert kicks off the Drag Queens triple.  Cory and John hop aboard Pricilla and head to Alice Springs.  It will be a journey through the outback fraught with challenges and fun.  So join the journey with us.

Priscilla Queen of The Desert:

This movie stars Hugo Weaving as Tick / Mitzi, Guy Pierce as Adam / Felicia, and Terence Stamp as Bernadette.  Priscilla is their lavender bus that they take from Sydney to Alice Springs. Mitzi is frustrated and needs a break.  She gets a call that changes everything.  She calls up Bernadette who has just lost her husband.  The two and Felicia have a drag show for four weeks but it is across the continent in Alice Springs. Felicia buys a bus and christens it Priscilla Queen of The Desert.  Mitzi & Felicia are drag queens but Bernadette is trans.  They pack the bus full of costumes booze and all they need for the show.

Along the way they encounter some towns that accept them and some that don’t. After a run in one town, a slur is painted on the bus.  Mitzi decides to take the back roads to get there more quickly.  Trash gets into the gas tank and the bus breaks down.  Bernadette walks for help, Felicia paints the bus lavender and Mitzi practices.  After a couple abandons them, they encounter a group of Aborigines who enjoy their show. Then Mitzi finds a two for the bus and they head to a small outpost.

Bob (Bill Hunter) is the mechanic and he offers to help and gives them a place to stay.  He arranges for them to do a show at the bar, but they are upstaged by his wife.  She married him while he was drunk and is unhappy with her life there. The next day she leaves him.  He goes along on the bus to help them get it fixed. In Coober Pedy, he meets up with friends. Mitzi and Bernadette have supper they discuss the fact that Mitzi is married and Bernadette’s desire for love.  They talk about kids, but just before Mitzi can spill the beans Felicia runs by.  She has dressed in drag and crashed the party Bob was at.  Things go bad when she flirts and they find out she is a he.  She is trapped in the junk yard and gets beat up.  Bob tries to stop it but it takes Bernadette to beat the attacker up.

The next day they head off to Alice Springs and make it.  All the time Bob & Bernadette are growing closer. At the resort, Mitzi, dressed as a man finds Marion his wife and they have great banter.  Then he gets to meet his son Benji.  Bob, Felicia and Bernadette walk in and it shocks Bernadette into a faint.  They push on and do the show to a cool reaction. But Mitzi is shocked to see Benji there. Benji is find with his dad being a gay drag queen. His mom is bisexual. Mitzi doesn’t know what to do but they bond.  The guys accomplish one of Felicia’s dreams, to hike Kings Canyon in full drag.

After their run at the resort is up, Mitzi and Felicia are pacing the bus up.  Benji is going with dad to Sydney to give Marion a vacation. Bob has fixed up Pricilla and is working at the resort. Bernadette has decided to stay and fill Marion’s job while she is out. She confides in Mitzi that she wants to give it a go with Bob.

Back in Sydney, Mitzi and Felicia are in the club with a great crowd.  They are doing ABBA’s “Mamma Mia” (ABBA being huge part of their conversations) and Benji is helping to run spot. Things are great for everyone.


Priscilla Queen of The Desert was and interesting movie. I can’t say that I was thrilled when Cory chose this triple. We will see where the adventure takes us along the way, just like Priscilla carried our cast on an adventure we have to jump in for the ride. We make some discoveries about others and many about ourselves. But in the end their is no place like home.

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The movie had a soundtrack instead of a score. Here is a standout from the soundtrack:  Finally (7′ Choice Mix) – Ce Ce Peniston

Buy the soundtrack here (from Amazon) or on iTunes.

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was:  Starting Jumping from this week and prolific actor Terence Stamp, Mr. Stamp starred alongside John Ratzenberger in this 1978 classic film who’s tagline is: “You will believe that a man can fly.”
Which lead us to the following movie:  The movie is  “Superman” (still John’s all time favorite movie).


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