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Logan is a sandman tasked with stopping runners and keeping the rules of the city. All goes well until he is tasked to be a runner and find sanctuary. But his run reveals a bigger world and more questions. Can Cory and John close this triple before Carousel? Read more…

Logan on run:

Logan is part of an world that seems like a paradise but things are not always what they seem. The state incubates children and sex is for pleasure only. The jobs are mental labor not physical.  But the catch is people only live to 30.  Each day a batch of 30 year-olds go to Carousel for renewal.  The people all cheer them on. But not everyone goes willingly.  Some people run and seek out Sanctuary.  The state has sandmen like Logan (Michael York) and  Frances (Richard Jordan).  Their task is to terminate the runners.  The clean-up crew then disintegrate them.

Logan dials up for a date and Jessica (Jenny Agutter) is transported in.  She however was sad due to a friend (a runner) being killed and is upset that she got put with a sandman.  She ducks out when Frances comes with two girls for a party at Logan’s.  Later Logan kills a runner and turns in the runner’s property including an ankh.  The computer system then questions him and gives him a mission.  It turns his age indicator to be 30 and commands him to become a runner, find sanctuary and destroy it. Logan calls Jessica because He saw her wearing an ankh.  He tries to convince her he is a runner.

They go after a runner, fight off cubs (wild kids/teens) and Logan lets the runner go.  But Frances kills the runner.  Logan and Jessica go to New You to get him a face change.  But the Doc (Michael Anderson Jr.) gets a report and tries to kill Logan.  His assistant Holly (Farrah Fawcett) is also a part of the sanctuary movement and sees that Frances starts to chase Logan.  Logan & Jessica escape though the back of a sex shop and make it to find other sanctuary people.  They are assured of his status as a runner and give him directions.  As he and Jessica begin to leave, the sandmen attack.

Logan and Jessica make it to the underbelly of the dome city.  They find an ice cave where a robot human hybrid called Box (Roscoe Lee Browne) is located.  He was tasked with processing food but when it stopped he started freezing runners.  Logan & Jessica escape and Frances follows.

Logan and Jessica have made it outside.  Far from the wasteland they had heard about, the landscape is lush.  They make their journey hoping to find sanctuary.  What they find is the ruins of Washington D.C..  There in the capitol building they find the Old Man (Peter Ustinov). They are surprised by his appearance since they have never seen anyone older than 30.  He has lost some of his memory but begins to tell them about his parents and society outside.  Frances has tracked them and kidnaps Jessica.  Logan and Frances fight and Logan kills him after he cannot convince him outside the city you can live for longer.  They bury Frances and promise to burry the Old Man when he dies.

Logan cannot let the people in the dome city live the lie and be killed.  So the three of them trek back to the city.  Along the way the Old Man tells them about marriage, families and much more.  They make it to the city.  Logan and Jessica swim back up to the underground section.  When they arrive it is time for Carousel.  They try to get people to listen but fail and are captured.  Logan is take and interrogated by the computer. The computer realizes what he saw about the outside and no sanctuary are true. This causes it to explode and take the city with it.  The people all go outside and meet the Old Man.


This movie has a small main cast.  But the story is interesting and even though the effects and sets are dated, it was stunning in that time.  The movie is surprisingly rated PG and the producers had to do some cutting to get that but it is not a family friendly movie (due to skimpy or lack of outfits).  The movie had an effect on other movies and TV shows for years to come.  Even the miniatures of the set were used into the 80’s & 90’s.  Out of the three I thought it had the stronger story, partly because it was based on a book.

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The score was done by Jerry Goldsmith and here is “The Dome” from the score.

Buy the score here.

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was:  So picking up from last week’s very popular film “Fool’s Parade,” (heh) we find Robert Donner in that film. Mr. Donner also starred in this 1967 film about a rebel that has had a hard time conforming to a rural prison.
Which lead us to the following trilogy:  The movie is  “Cool Hand Luke”
The next triple:  We will be Triple Prison Break with “Cool Hand Luke,” “Escape From Alcatraz,” and “The Shawshank Redemption” so join us!


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