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Ten Commandments is an epic movie in length, acting and production value. The movie tells of the Israelites journey from slavery to freedom. So follow Cory and John as they cross the Red Sea to share this tale with you!

The Ten Commandments:

The Biblical epic stars Charlton Heston as Moses and Yul Brynner as Pharaoh Rameses. Moses was found by Pharaoh’s daughter and raised in the royal household but after seeing the plight of his people he struck out and rebelled. Years later he was called by the Lord to go speak to his former brother who is Pharaoh on behalf of the Israelite people. Moses has become the reluctant mouthpiece of the Lord.

Continuing the theme of brotherly rivalry from last week, Moses and Rameses are competing.  They are competing for who will be the next Pharaoh and also marry Nefretiri (Anne Baxter).  Moses has won military victories and made allies of the conquered nations.  Rameses has tried to build Pharaoh’s treasure city, but the Hebrew people are causing him issues.  Pharaoh charges Moses to complete the city and Rameses to fine the Hebrew people’s savior.

In Goshen, the Hebrews are suffering under the  Baka (Vincent Price) the master builder, Dathan (Edward G. Robinson) the Hebrew overseer and the harsh laws.  Moses comes in and gives the people grain and a day off a week to rest.  He works hand in hand with Baka to see the city built in record time. In Goshen we meet Joshua (John Derek) a stone mason and faithful man of God. He is in love with Lilia (Debra Paget) but both Baka & Dathan want her for their own! Moses succeeds and gains Pharaoh’s favor, but the story of his Hebrew heritage comes out.

Moses lives among the Hebrews and sees their oppression.  He reconnects with his family and decides to fight for his people.  He saves Joshua from Baka but kills Baka in the process.  Dathan informs on him to Rameses.  Dathan promises Lilia Joshua will live if she becomes his willingly and she agrees.  Joshua is sent to the mines. Moses is forced into exile and wanders in the desert until he finds Jethro’s family.

There in Midian he finds love with Sephora (Yvonne De Carlo).  He leads a quiet life until Joshua shows up.  Moses goes up on to the mountain of God, Sini, and comes back changed.  He has heard God’s will and is going to Egypt to be used by God to set the Hebrew people free.  He speaks to Rameses who is now Pharaoh (and married to Nefretiri and they have a son).  But Rameses refuses to hear.  After many plagues, Pharaoh still refuses to let the Hebrew people go.  God strikes down the first born in houses not marked with lambs blood.  Rameses is broken at the death of his son and frees the Hebrew people.

Moses and Joshua gather the people and they depart to head for the promised land that God has laid out for His people. But Pharaoh’s bitterness over the death of his son and Nefretiri’s past with Moses force him to take his army after the Hebrew people.  The army pursues them to the edge of the Red Sea.  God blocks the army of Egypt and then uses Moses to part the sea.  The people cross on dry land, but the army is swallowed up as Pharaoh watches.

Moses leads the people to Midian and goes up on the mountain to talk with God.  But while he is gone the people begin to doubt if he will come back. Dathan stirs up the people and they build an idol and begin to worship it.  Moses receives the Ten Commandments written by God on tablets. When he journeys back down he finds the people sinning against God.  God smites the leaders of the rebellion and order is restored.

After 40 years of wandering in the desert, they people are ready to enter the promised land.  Moses cannot because of his disobedience but he leaves Joshua in charge.


The Ten Commandments is a Biblical drama epic in in many areas with length being one of them.  Movies like this don’t get made much anymore.  In this day and time it would probably be a two movie series if not stretched out to a trilogy.  But The Ten Commandments is truly worthy of watching as an event.  Even though the cast is not culturally appropriate we do have an all-star cast.  The visual effects don’t stand up to today’s standards but were marvels at the time. We hope you enjoyed the experience with us.

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The score was done by Elmer Bernstein. Here is the “Prelude” from the movie.

Buy the score from Amazon.

Next Week:

We conclude in the Biblical Tales Triple with “Passion of The Christ” So journey with us to the the suffering and death of Christ in the intense movie.

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was:  We left off with Nolan’s Batman trilogy. It co-stared Michael Caine. Michael Caine also starred in the third installment of this comedy trilogy.
Which lead us to the following trilogy: It is the “Austin Powers Trilogy.”


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