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Last Action Hero sees Schwarzenegger jump through the screen, literally, from a being an action hero on screen to one in real life.  Danny pulls Jack into his world to save the day from Benedict. Cory and John close out this triple with a bang!

Last Action Hero:

Jack Slater (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is Danny’s (Austin O’Brien) on screen hero. The projectionist at the theater, Frank (Art Carney), gives Danny a magic ticket that transports him into the film. Danny is amazed at being in the movie and the rules and logic of it all.  He is in the middle of a car chase with bombs, wacky stunts and more. He has to convince Jack that this is a movie.  But Jack won’t listen.  At the LAPD, we get cameo’s from movie stars in their characters from other movies (Basic Instinct & T2).  Danny is amazed with the wacky partners being put together (Olier & Waterman, Kraus & Rabbi, Ratcliff & Animated cat Whiskers).  Lt. Dekker (Frank McRae) questions Danny and then makes he and Jack partners

They head over find to mob boss Tony Vivaldi (Anthony Quinn).  But Benedict (Charles Dance) the ace hitman answers the door. He sends Jack & Danny away but hears about Danny knowing about him.  Benedict goes after Jack, Danny and Jack’s daughter Whitney (Brigette Wilson). But the three of them are more than a match for Benedict & his crew (this is a movie after all).  But after the crime scene is blown up, Jack gets kicked off the force.  Jack’s apartment is blank (because we never see it in the movies).  His closet is only filled with duplicate copies of his outfit. Danny says they can get Benedict at the funeral of a mobster.

They head over the the building but are stopped by FBI agent gone back Practice (F. Murray Abraham) they out whit him but Vivaldi & Benedict capture Jack & Danny.  Whiskers (Danny DeVito) saves them and they are off.  Danny mans the crane and Jack crashes the funeral to get the corpse (filled with nerve gas) off on to the crane hook. After much hijinks, they dump the body in the tar pits.  They chase Benedict back to the house.  In the fight, Benedict and his henchman use Danny’s magic ticket to escape into Danny’s world.  Jack & Danny follow.

Jack quickly learns that this is the real world and things don’t work like in the movies.  He kills the henchman but Benedict escapes.  Benedict learns about the world and views other movies.  He learns here in this world the bad guys can win. He recruits the Ripper (Tom Noonan) into the world to take out the real Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Meanwhile Jack is disillusioned but he and Dany finally get a clue to Benedict’s plan and head to the NYC premier of the Jack Slater movie.  We see a star studded premier with real people playing themselves.  The Ripper captures Danny and has him on the roof.  Jack electrocutes the Ripper, who had killed his son in the last movie, and saves Danny.  But Benedict arrives.  With Danny’s help Jack kills Benedict but is shot in the process.

Danny takes Jack back to the theater and get’s Nick to start the movie.  Death (Ian McKellen) has been set free due to the ticket that Benedict dropped.  But he is not there for Danny or Jack he was just curious.  But he gives Danny the clue to look for the other half of the ticket.  Danny finds it.  Jack is back in his world and survives.  Danny returns to his and everyone lives happily ever after.


The fun in the movie is how it plays action movie tropes for all there worth.  It is so fun to see so many big stars playing themselves and other trope characters.  Over all this was a fun and playful ride and a very meta one.  I know it had to be fun to make.  I still like Kindergarten Cop better but this was a fun ride.


The soundtrack was a hard rock and acton oriented, AC/DC’s Big Guns is a prime example from the film.  Take a listen.

The score was done by Michael Kamen.  He did many scores (Die Hard 2, Robin Hood: Prince of Theives, Mr. Holland’s Opus) but many of us know him from his stand out score from Band of Brothers. Take a listen to his wok from the movie.

Buy the soundtrack from Amazon.
Buy the score from Amazon.

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was:  Jumping from “American Hustle,” last week, one of the co-stars of that film is Jack Huston. Jack went on to star in 2016’s remake of this 1959 Biblical era tale starring Charlton Heston.
Which lead us to the following movie: The movie is “Ben-Hur.”
The Next Triple: Will be Biblical Tales and will consist of “Ben-Hur,” “The Ten Commandments,” and “The Passion of The Christ.”


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