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Kindergarten Cop sends Arnold back to school in order to get the facts to close a case.  A giant of a man surrounded by tiny humans makes for great comedy.  Join Cory and John as they head back to school for part two of the Schwarzenegger Comedies triple.

Kindergarten Cop:

Kimble (Arnold Schwartzenegger) is a cop that wants to close this case against the drug lord Crisp (Richard Tyson).  He and his partner Phoebe (Pamela Reed) get a lead on the location of Crisp’s family.  May be they can help.  Along the way Phoebe gets sick, so he has to pose as a Kindergarten teacher find Crisp’s son  and ex-wife Joyce (Penelope Ann Miller).  She and her son Dominic (Joseph Cousins & Christian Cousins) have ran away to Astoria, Oregon.  She is a teacher in the school.  Miss Schlowski (Linda Hunt) is not happy but she thinks being a kindergarten teacher for a few days will run Kimble off.

Kimble’s first two days are crazy, but his is getting some info on the boys in the class.  He and Phoebe go out to eat and run into Joyce and Dominic.  Phoebe plays his sister (accent and all).  She sees Kimble really likes Joyce.  After dinner, Phoebe gives Kimble the advice not to let the kids see fear.  The next day he comes in and whips them into shape.  Along the way he falls in love with teaching them and they love him.  He and Joyce have a date and he learns that she is Crisp’s ex.

Kimble in the process discovered a man who was beating his son and wife.  He punches the guy but stops because the kids are there.  Schlowski says that she doesn’t know what kind of cop he is but he’s a great kindergarten teacher. She wishes she could have punched that dad.

Eleanor Crisp (Carroll Baker) kills off the only other witness against her son.  So Crisp is set free.  Kimble & Phoebe are told the bad news and break it to Joyce.  She says she never stole any money from Crisp.  He planted that story to make other people look for her.  She wants to run but Dominic has run off.  He has run to set up protection on a big communications tower.  Kimble saves him.

The next day Crisp scouts the school and sees Dominic and Kimble.  He sets a fire and snatches Dominic.  Eleanor hits Phoebe with her car and then goes in to the school.  Kimble & Joyce confront Crisp.  Kimble’s ferret attacks Crisp and Dominic escapes.  Kimble kills crisp but is wounded.  Eleanor enters and is about to finish off Kimble but Phoebe takes her out with a bat.

Kimble returns to class after healing up and the kids are thrilled.  Joyce comes in and they kiss.  Looks like Kimble is staying.


This was a great movie and Ivan Reitman did a great job directing Arnold in it.  Arnold really shines in playing the gruff cop who transforms into the lovable and strong teacher.  The cast was great.  Penelope plays the protective and strong mother well.  Linda Hunt was great as the no nonsense principal.  The kids were great as well.  Overall the movie shines and was a fun movie to watch.


The soundtrack was done by Randy Edelman, He has done a lot of movie soundtracks and puts a good one to this comedy take a listen.

Buy the soundtrack from Amazon.

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was:  Jumping from “Pocahontas,” that film also stars Christian Bale who went on to star in a 2013 historical fiction film with Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jeremy Renner.
Which lead us to the following movie: The movie is “American Hustle.”


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