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Twins come in all shapes and sizes. But Schwarzenegger and DeVito being twins could only be a comedy experiment gone right! Join Cory and John as they start their Schwarzenegger Comedies triple with this fun road trip movie.


Julius Benedict (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has grown up on an isolated tropical island.  He has read widely, exercised mind and body, and he has been challenged in many ways.  But he is isolated from the outside world and social interactions.  He was loved and grew up and strong.

Vincent Benedict (Danny DeVito) grew up in an orphanage.  He has been scheming his whole life to make a living.  He steals cars, makes bets and looks for the easy buck.  He a ladies man and running from angry husbands. He world is hard and dark and he is a master of the culture.

Julius finds out he was part of a science experiment with multiple dads and one mother to produce a superior man.  But he finds out he has a twin.  He journeys to LA to find his brother Vincent.  Here he comes the fish out of water story that Arnold does so well. He searches LA until he finds Vincent locked up due to parking tickets.  Vincent is also in hack to the Klane Brothers, loan sharks, for $20,000.  But Vincent’s contact Al (David Caruso) at the airport parking deck tells him of a sweet ride he can steal.  Vincent talks Julius into helping saying the car is for a charity auction.  They steal the car, but they don’t know Webster (Marshall Bell) was supposed to be taking it and the rocket fuel injector to Beetroot McKinley (Trey Wilson) in Texas.  Webster is an assassin and gun for hire.  The injector was stolen and was going to make Beetroot a ton of money. Webster is angry and is coming after Vincent.  Vincent finds out about the injector and makes a deal with Beetroot.

Julius wants to find his mother and those involved with the project that made the twins.  Vincent reluctantly agrees at the insistence of his girlfriend Linda Mason (Chloe Webb).  She and her sister Marnie, who is way into Julius, join the boys on the road trip. Along the way Vincent and Julius bond and they learn from each other.  Julius learns about pop culture and the social world.  Vincent learns about caring for others and standing up for family.  Both couples grow stronger in love.

The boys reach Los Alamos and Vincent is devastated when he finds out he was an unintended side effect of the project.  Julius comforts him.  They have found out that their mother thought Julius died at birth and never knew about Vincent.  They head to find her.  When they arrive at the artist colony she founded, they are perceived as real-estate developers or people out for the Benedict fortune.  They get turned away being told that their mother is dead.  In reality the woman that turned them away was their mother.

Vincent is depressed and desperate.  He leaves Julius and the girls and heads to Texas to sell the injector.  He is back to his old ways.  Julius chases after him.  Vincent meets up with Beetroot and makes the deal.  Webster kills Beetroot and demands the money from Vincent.  Julius comes to the rescue but Vincent has grown too close to his twin.  He can’t leave him.  He comes back to save Julius.  They knock out Webster.  They return the injector and (most of) the money.  They go into business together and with the reward they pay off Vincent’s debt.  Their mother reads of their exploits and comes to re-unite with them.  They are now a family.  We close with Vincent married to Linda and Julius married to Marnie.  Both couples have twins!


This movie combines the buddy comedy, fish out of water, and several other genera of comedies.  Overall it is a fun ride and both Schwarzenegger and DeVito had a blast making this movie work.  It is so different from Arnold’s action hero rolls, but it has fun making fun of those with the “I’ll be back” line and other things.  Overall it was a fun ride and a fun movie to watch.


Julius enjoys singing Yakety Yak and here is the version from the soundtrack.

The movie’s soundtrack combines instrumental music, pop and ballads.  Buy the soundtrack for “Twins” from Amazon by clicking here.

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was:  We start at “Kindergarten Cop.” It co stars Linda Hunt, we’re looking for this 33rd animated Disney film where she voices a very wise tree.
Which lead us to the following movie: The movie is “Pocahontas.”


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