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The A-Team movie is not so much a re-boot to the 80’s TV series as fun continuation.  The move takes all we knew and loved and brought it to the next generation.  Join the Triplecast Team as they drive a hummer into your podcast app to set you free!  Because we all love it when a plan comes together!

The A-Team:

I grew up watching the A-Team.  So I was quite reluctant to watch the movie.  But I can say I truly fanboyed out over the movie. Hannibal (Liam Neeson) is in Mexico on a mission with Face (Bradly Cooper).  They are trying to get this untraceable general found.  It looks like Hannibal is about to be dog meat (literally) and Face is about to be burned alive for stealing the general’s wife.  But Hannibal always has a plan.  He escapes and has traced the general.  He tries to carjack B.A. Baracus (Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson) and his awesome (true to the ’80’s) van.  But B.A. is a discharged Ranger and he would do anything for the Col. Smith.  They break through and save Face just in time.  They escape and pick up (Howling Mad) Murdock (Sharlto Copley) at the mental institution/hospital.  He steals the hospital chopper, but in the process crushes B.A.’s van.  They escape and draw the general into U.S. airspace where he is killed.  The A-Team is then formed.

Over 80 missions later and the team is gelled. Face is the ladies man, B.A. is an an airborne ranger afraid of flying (thank to Murdock), Murdock is crazy and Hannibal has a plan.  They are a Ranger A-Team working under General Morrison (Gerald McRaney).  CIA Agent Lynch (Patrick Wilson) gives the team a mission to recover money printed with U.S. currency plates in Bagdad.  The Morrison gives them the go ahead but Face’s former lover Captain Charissa Sosa (Jessica Biel) warns against it.  The mission is a success, but the Black Forest crew lead by Pike (Brian Bloom) blow up the money and the General.  Sosa is demoted, the A-Team is stripped of rank, dishonorably discharged and imprisoned.

Six months later, Lynch gives Hannibal what he needs to break out.  He then breaks the rest of the team out.  They have to find Pike and the missing engraving plates to have the record wiped and their ranks restored.  Sosa is going after them and Lynch is having her and her team followed.  Face helps save Sosa from Lynch’s team.  Then the A-Team gets the plates and kidnaps the Arab who has been working with Pike.  They find out that the Arab is General Morrison in disguise.  He, Pike and Lynch were working together to get the plates, but Morrison & Pike cut out Lynch.  Lynch takes out the barn holding Morrison and looks like the team.

They escape loop and it is Face’s turn to have the plan.  They work with Sosa to draw Lynch and Pike into the trap.  The plan goes well until Pike blows up the ship they are on.  But in the end the A-Team prevails.  The CIA takes Lynch away and the team is imprisoned for escaping.  Sosa kisses Face and slips him a handcuff key.  They escape to be the mercenaries for hire we all know and love.


The A-Team was such a fun ride.  Yes the ’80’s TV series was fun and campy.  This movie didn’t try to do the opposite.  It also did not try to mock the series.  What it did was pay tribute, honor and give the ’80’s kids a fun ride.  I honestly loved it and would love a sequel.  So take a listen as Cory & John share their thoughts.


Paying homage to the original series Alan Slivestri composed a fun score.  Here is his spin on the theme.

Buy the score here.
The soundtrack is not for sale but here are the track listings.

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was:  We left off at “Taken.” It co-stared Xander Berkley. Xander also had a role in this early 90 sequel directed by James Cameron.
Which lead us to the following movie: The movie is “Terminator 2″ a.k.a. T2.


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