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My Girl is a movie that makes us cry,  because growing up is never easy.  Finding friendship and love is not an easy thing.  But loosing them is even harder.  Come along with Cory and Barb as they lead us through the tears of My Girl.

My Girl:

Vada Sultenfuss (Anna Clumsky) is a smart and deep girl.  She has grown up in her father’s, Harry (Dan Akroyd), funeral parlor.  She is surrounded by the trappings of death.  But her Grandmoo (Ann Nelson) and Uncle Phil (Richard Masur) have helped Harry raise Vada.  Her mother died 2 days after she was born.  Vada is serious.  She is constantly running to the doctor thinking she is going to die.

Vada’s life is not always dark.  She has a great friend in Thomas J Sennett (Macaulay Culkin).  Thomas J is allergic to everything, but still goes on adventures with Vada.  They play cards, go fishing, climb trees and ride bikes.  Vada also loves to write and in the film we hear her internal dialogue from time to time.  She is in love with her teacher Mr. Bixler (Griffin Dunne).  He encourages her in her reading and writing.  He wants to know how she feels and for that to show in her writing.

Life is busy and in comes Shelly DeVoto (Jamie Lee Curtis).  She is a cosmetologist who needs work. She is a little put out a first, that she will be working on dead people, but she slowly adapts.  She sees the care and compassion Harry and his assistant Arthur put into the work.  She admires how Harry cares for his daughter, mother, and brother.  They slowly build a relationship and then get engaged.

This throws Vada for a loop.  She believes she killed her mother and does not want to accept that her father has moved on.  She questions love and asks questions of Thomas J, Phil and others.  She and Thomas J share a brief kiss before reciting the pledge of allegiance, to avoid the awkward silence. Thomas J asks if Mr. Bixler does not work out, would she consider him?  She says yes.  He heads into the woods to recover her missing mood ring.  But he kicks a hornet’s and they attack him.  The large numbers of them and his allergies are too much and he dies.

Harry has to tell Vada and she takes it hard.  She stays in her room for a day.  She comes down for the service but looses it.  She runs to Mr. Bixler, but finds he has a fiancee and she runs to the lake.  She climbs her & Thomas J’s tree and hears their conversations in her head.

She finally comes home. She and Shelly talk about friendship and Thomas J.  Her dad comes in and assures her that she is not responsible for her mom’s death.  Deaths like her mother’s and Thomas J’s are no one’s fault.  He shares about his love for her mom and how Vada reminds him of her.

Later she shows up for the last of Mr. Bixler’s Summer writing classes.  She can’t stay but wants to share her poem.  It is all about Thomas J. and she has learned to share her feelings and thoughts.  She has learned much and grown over the Summer.


I must say I (Geoff) cried more over this weeks triple than last week’s.  Vada starts her journey from girl to woman through the movie.  She learns about love in many ways. She grows as a person and a writer.  But most of all she learns to appreciate the people she has around her.  Harry learns a lot as well.  He has spend the 11 1/2 years since his wife’s death mourning and serving the dead and the mourning.  He is snapped back into the world though Vada and Shelly.  Shelly tells him about caring for the dead saying, “I’m not asking you to stop caring for those people. But life isn’t just death, Harry. Don’t ignore the living, especially your daughter.”  We all have hard times in our lives and we loose people.  But we still have memories to help us.  We can and have to grow and move on.  The good times and hard times help to make us who we are.


The soundtrack is kicked off with the iconic song from The Temptations.


The score was written by James Newton Howard and has a host of great artists.  You can find the soundtrack here.

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was:  We left off at “Oceans Eleven” and it co-starred Matt Damon. Matt also stared in this biblical satire directed by Kevin Smith
Which lead us to the following movie: The movie is “Dogma.”


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