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The Incredibles are superheroes ready to save the day.  But have been forced into hiding due to lawsuits.  Syndrome draws out our favorite super family. Cory and John close out the early Pixar series with this great movie due for a sequel in 2019.

The Incredibles in Hiding:

Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) is one of supers who fight for truth and justice.  He gets married to Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) and they become the Incredibles.  Life is good and they are balancing personal life and the life as super.  Then they start getting hit by lawsuits.  People don’t want to be saved and are unhappy with property damage.  The people demand that the government step in and make changes.  The Superhero Relocation Act is put into place and The Incredibles become the ordinaries.

Mr. Incredible is living the hum-drum life as Bob Parr in the insurance world.  He is bound by rules, dulled by by the day to day and longing for me.  His wife Helen is full-time mom to Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack.  They have finally settled in after their last re-location.  Violet and Dash are both supers.  Jack Jack, unknown to his family, is a super as well.  Arguments over school, boys, sibling rivarly and more push Bob further into a funk.  His one escape is when he and Lucius a.k.a. Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) listen to the police scanner and go capture bad guys.  But it is not enough.  The world says they don’t need supers but Bob needs it to thrive.

The Incredibles in the Shadows:

The mysterious Mirage calls out Mr. Incredible to use his abilities to help.  He has lost his job and has nothing to loose.  He accepts and journeys to Nomanisan Island to help take out a rouge robot.  He succeeds and loves it.  He starts to get back into shape and train.  But he keeps it a secret from Helen.  He goes to the costume designer for the supers Edna Mode (voiced by Brad Bird).  She designs him a new suit.  He heads back to the island and discovers that wannabe side-kick Buddy has grown up into a bitter man.  He has developed technology to make him a super.  Syndrome (Jason Lee) has perfected his robot and is out to make himself the hero.

Mr. Incredible is missing and Helen goes to Edna.  Edna has made costumes for the whole family and they include a tracker.  Helen activates the tracker and causes Mr. Incredible to be captured.  Helen a.k.a. Elastigirl is off to save him on her own but Violet and Dash sneak aboard the plan.  They are taken down by the island’s defenses.  They make it to the island and battle the defenses but end up being captured.  The Incredibles are re-united in captivity.  Thanks to Mirage’s help, they escape.

The Incredibles Reclaim the Spotlight:

Syndrome has unleashed his robot on the city.  The Incredibles hitch a rocket ride to the city.  They find they have to trust each other as a family and as a team to succeed.  Syndrome’s robot stops listening to him and he is outed as the villain.   The Incredibles team and Frozone work together to save the day.  They then have to rescue Jack-Jack from Syndrome, but he manifests his powers and saves himself.  The world still needs the supers and they are there to save the day when needed.

Personal Note:

I (Geoff) love Pixar movies, but The Incredibles is my favorite Pixar movie.  The super hero genera is a favorite to me.  When you combine that with the great soundtrack and story you have a winner.  I’m so looking forward to the sequel!



Theme song “The Glory Days”:

The Michael Giacchino soundtrack is great.  He plays on the spy and superhero genera and makes something that feels new but perfectly in place.  You can buy the score here.

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was: We finished last week with The Fog with Janet Lee. Janet Leigh had one of her most famous roles in this Hitchcock classic
Which lead us to the following movie: The movie was Psycho.
The Next Triplecast: The next TripleCast is “Based on True Crime.” For the Halloween season, Cory be joined by network founder Darrell Darrnell and we’ll be discussing Psycho, Zodiac and The Strangers.


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