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Toy Story kicks off the early Pixar triple.  You’ve got a friend in Cory & John! Join them as they dig through the toy box and discover Pixar’s classic with you!

Toy Story:

Cory is join by John McGrail of the Stuff I Learned Yesterday podcast. Toy Story is the first Pixar film and is a good kick-off to the early Pixar series.

Toy Story kicks off with Andy playing west with his toys.  He is great at using is imagination and brings in all the toys regardless of their style.  We the the iconic Randy Newman song “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” to kick us off. As soon as Andy is out of the room, Woody, Tom Hanks, comes to life.  The rules of the world are that the toys are alive but cannot be seen to be alive when humans are around.  Woody calls a staff meeting and we get introduced to our cast.  Ham, John Ratzenberger, the piggy bank, Mr. Potato Head, Don Rickles, Rex, Wallace Shaw, and Slinkey Dog, Jim Varney are just the main ones.  But Andy has a lot of great toys.

Andy and his family are moving in 2 weeks, so his mom is having his birthday party early.  All the toys are anxious to see if is going to get any new toys.  No one wants to get replaced.  Woody calms them all and sends in the army men (lead by R. Lee Ermey) to do recon.  Andy’s mom surprises Andy with Buzz Lightyear, Tim Allen.  Woody is kicked out of his place of honor on the bed for Buzz.  Woody tries to explain to Buzz that he is a toy not real, but Buzz ignores him.  The other toys are enamored with Buzz and so is Andy.  The cowboy theme & play gets replaced by space play.  Andy has a new favorite and Woody is sad.

Woody’s jealousy gets the better of him and he knocks Buzz out the window.  The other toys revolt and are mad.  Woody gets taken in the car with Andy and Buzz hitches a ride.  They get into an argument at the gas station and have to hitch a ride to Pizza Planet.  Buzz is in heaven. He still believes it is all real.  He heads to a rocket shaped claw machine.  But Andy’s mean neighbor Sid uses the claw and captures both Buzz & Woody.  This is not good!

Sid mutilates, tortures, and destroys toys.  Buzz & Woody try to escape.  In the attempt, Buzz sees a commercial for himself.  He tries to fly but falls and breaks. He realizes he is just a toy and gives up.  Woody cannot snap him out of it.  He throws a line over to Andy’s house but the other toys don’t trust him.  Sid has a rocket and will be launching/explode Buzz in the morning.  Woody has a heart to heart and tells him how great being a toy and Andy’s toy is.  Buzz & Woody are about to escape when daylight comes and Buzz is taken away.  Woody works with Andy’s misfit toys and forms a plan.  Buzz and the misfits scare Sid and free Buzz.  But moving day is here and Andy and the family are leaving.

Woody gets on the moving truck but Buzz is pulled of by Sid’s dog.  Woody sends RC out to get Buzz but the other toys throw him off the truck.  Buzz scopes up Woody and they head for the truck.  But the batteries die.  They use the rocket to get back to Andy’s car.  They day is saved.  Safe in the new house everyone is happy and has a role.  But the next issue is Andy got a puppy!

A Toy Story that launched a studio:

This is a classic movie and it really launched Pixar.  This was lightening in a bottle.  You had a great cast who had a blast voicing it.  You had Randy Newman’s classic song and soundtrack.  Plus you have the creative geniuses with Pixar teaming with Disney.  Over they years we have grown with Andy and followed the journeys and adventures of the toys.  Everyone has their favorite Pixar movie. Even if this is not your favorite, you have to give respect to Toy Story for starting it all.


You’ve Got A Friend In Me:

Randy Newman’s soundtrack: here

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was: Starting at Toy Story and Tim Allen. Tim also stared in this Christmas movie with Jamie Lee Curtis.
Which lead us to the following movie: The movie was Christmas with the Kranks


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