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The Curse of the Judas Chalice closes out The Librarian series and closes out the Triplecast.  Cory and Mark are not under a curse they follow their dream and discus it all.

The Curse of the Judas Chalice:

Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) is trying so hard to balance the demands of being The Librarian along with a social life. He is failing. He wins a 1 million dollar auction, wins a sword dual with a rival and gets the philosopher’s stone. But he loses his girl friend. He returns to The Library. Charlene (Jane Curtin) is furious at his spending, Flynn does not care. Judson (Bob Newhart) immediately assigns him more work. Flynn snaps. It seems like he is living under a curse he can’t keep a girl friend (including his two leading ladies from the last movies. They tell him to take a vacation. He instead mopes around his apartment. A drunk Charlene tells him to follow his dreams. He dreams of a woman singing to him and telling him to find her. He sees a statue and then wakes up. The statue is on the New Orleans brochure Charlene left. He heads off to NOLA.

Flynn is greeted by cab driver and man of a million cousins Andre (Werner Richmond).  Anything Flynn needs in New Orleans, Andre has a cousin for that. After touring some museums, Flynn takes in the French Quarter nightlife.  He follows his dream song into a club (housed in a former monastery).  There the lovely Simone Renoir (Stana Katic) is singing.  She seems to be singing just to him.  Afterwards, Flynn tells her she has been in his dreams.  She hurries him out into the monastery chapel because Russian thugs are coming into the club.

Sergei Kubichek (Dikran Tulaine) a disillusioned KGB officer has found Vlad Dracula’s body and clues to lead him to the Judas chalice.  The chalice, made from the 30 pieces of sliver Judas got for betraying Christ, can bring vampires back to life and strength.  Sergei and Ivan (Jason Douglas) want to use Vlad and a vampire army to lift the curse of democracy in Russia and return it to glory. They have captured Professor Lazlo (Bruce Davison) who is an expert in the field that can help them with the task.

Sergei’s men enter the club to find the marker that will start lead them to the chalice. Simone has been guarding the marker.  She gives it to Flynn and they escape.  But leave a clue behind.  Flynn and Simone live up the night and spend it together.  He awakes and she is gone.  He follows the marker’s clue and gets the next one.  But Sergei captures him.  He and Lazlo find the location of the chalice. Flynn escapes.  He is drugged but gets back the the French Quarter.  Ivan and the boys almost have him when he is rescued by Simone.  She is shot.  He thinks she is dead but she gets up and he passes out.

He awakes in her house to find out she is living under the cure of being a vampire. She tells her long life story.  She was turned into a vampire and lost the love of her life.  She spent long years looking for the vampire that changed her but never found him there.  She heard how the Judas Chalice could revive dead vampires.  She traced it to the new world and stayed to protect it.  She also reveals that knows about the Library and the Librarians (as most vampires do). She tells about the most Librarian, Yahuda (Hebrew for Judson),  Flynn is revealed because he has found a woman who he loves and who knows about the Library.

With Andre’s help, they head to the swamp to find the chalice.  It is found in the pirate Lafitte’s ship.  But Sergei, Ivan and Professor Lazlo are there.  They take the chalice and lock Flynn and a hungry Simone in.  Flynn devises an escape and they get out, but Simone steals Andre’s cousin’s boat.  Flynn & Andre hoof it back.  Simone and Flynn separately find Sergei’s hide out, but are again captured.

Chalice in hand, Sergei follow’s Lazlo’s directions to revive Vlad.  But Vlad isn’t in the coffin.  Lazlo is Vlad he drinks from the chalice and is revived to full strength.  After Simone fights Vlad (the vampire to turned her) and is bested, Flynn outsmarts Vlad and stakes him.  With Vlad dead, the chalice in good hands Simone refuses Flynn’s offer to go to New York with him or to turn him.  She is ready to be freed from the curse.  She watching the sunrise one last time and after a kiss with Flynn she is gone.

Flynn comes back to the Library in a much better head space.  He gives Charlene one of the marker clues as a necklace. With the chalice safe, Flynn assures Judson he is OK and ready for work even if that means a lonely life.  He questions Judson to see if he is Yahuda.  Judson plays coy but we know better.

Over all a fun movie that celebrates New Orleans culture and provides a fun ride.  There is a 6 year gap between this movie and the start of The Librarians series.  But the movies set up the world of the Library and Flynn is still in action.  He has recruited help and the Library has recruited a Guardian for him and the other Librarians (we saw the proto one in the character of Nicole in the first movie).  It was a fun ride that continues today!



Simone’s Song:

The theme and the soundtrack was composed by Joseph Loduca. You can buy The Curse of the Judas Chalice soundtrack here.

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was: Last week’s clue led us to Forrest Gump with Sally Field and Tom Hanks. Tom also provided the voice for this Pixar film.
Which lead us to the following movie: The movie was Toy Story.
The Next Triple:  The next TripleCast is “Early Pixar.” Cory will be joined by John McGrail (one of the co-hosts of Stuff I Learned Yesterday) and they will be discussing Toy Story, Finding Nemo & The Incredibles


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