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Return to the world of The Librarian, Flynn Carsen as he seeks out King Solomon’s Mines and learns more about his father along the way. Join Cory & Mark as the return to this adventure series.

Return To King Solomon’s Mines:

We return to the life of Flynn Carsen, The Librarian a little over a year after the events of “Quest for the Spear.”  He is out in the field and feels totally comfortable. Flynn (Noah Wyle) is looking for a Crystal Skull.  He and Yellow Hawk grab the skull but Flynn’s quest for things causes them to be found out.  A chase ensues and then they escape by riding their horses off a cliff.

Meanwhile a man gives his life to get a package off to Flynn in the mail. But General Samir (Erick Avari) is on the hunt for that package.  Flynn makes his return to the Library and is scolded by Charlene (Jane Curtin) for having his mail sent there.  He gets the package but does not get to open it.  Judson (Bob Newhart) scolds him for getting caught.  Flynn then returns to his mom’s house and is surprised with a birthday party.  He is 32 and his mom is still trying to set him up.  He retreats to the kitchen and has a good conversation about his day with Uncle Jerry (Robert Foxworthy).  After the party, Flynn travels down memory lane looking at old photos and is regretting not knowing his dad more.  His mom (Dukakis) gives him his father’s amulet (a masonic symbol) and shows him pictures he drew from his dad’s bedtime stories. It is good but he still wants more.

Flynn’s apartment has been trashed.  General Samir is looking for the package.  Flynn has it and it is a map to King Solomon’s mines. Samir knocks Flynn out and takes the map.  Flynn and Judson discuss the map and Judson shares that it needs a legend to decipher it this legend has been hidden by the 24 masons that made Solomon’s temple.  He sends Flynn off to Casablanca, Morocco to find the first pice.  But Judson knows more about Flynn’s past but will not tell.

Through several scenes in Casablanca we get references to the movie.  Flynn arrives at an archological dig headed up by Emily Davenport (Gabrielle Anwar).  She has been facinated with the Queen of Sheba since childhood. She is seeking to prove how far Sheba’s reign extended over the continent.  Flynn sweeps in with a fake story that Emiy sees straight through.  He is throw off the site.  But he makes a return to the site that night.  She catches him but they discover a hidden tomb.  Ptolemy’s tomb holds the first part of the legend.  One of the diggers tries to stop them but Flynn’s father’s necklace stops him.  He pulls out his.  The necklace signify’s The Order of the Masons.  The secrets Solomon and the mission to protect them are passed from father to son.

Flynn & Emily are sent to Kenya’s Gedi province to recover the 2nd part. But the General and his men torture the mason and learn the location of the second piece.  Flynn & Emily journey and have to fake being married to get part of the way there (but not before being discovered by a friend of his mother).  They then journey through the bush and rescue Jomo (Hakeem Kae-Kazim), a tribesman who has been burred to his neck for stealing from another tribe.  He pledges to stay with them until he repays the debt.  They have many a fun adventure until they recover the last piece.  They steal it and the map back from the General and escape by train with the hep of Uncle Jerry.  They discover the legend pieces form an instrument and Flynn plays the notes on the map to magically reveal the location of Solomon’s mine.  They head off after wishing Jerry farewell.

Arriving at the tomb, they literally waltz past the boobytraps and use Flynn’s father’s necklace to enter the treasure chamber.  But the General and forces are there.  They have Uncle Jerry and Flynn hands over the book only to find out the General was working for him.  To add insult to injury, Jerry is the one who killed Flynn’s father (out of jealousy and the desire to get the treasure).  Solomon’s book will enable him to turn back time and change it all.  He starts the ceremony and Flynn & Emily escape thanks to Jomo arriving just in time.  Flynn is tempted to bring back his dad using the book but is stopped and reminded it is wrong.  Jerry & the book are lost in the lava and the mines destroyed.

Flynn charges Jomo with protecting the mines.  Flynn wants to take Emily with her, but she flips the script and pays Rick to his Ilsa.  She sends him on his way, because she has more work to do.  Flynn returns to the Library where Charlene and Judson are happy to see him.  Flynn debriefs with Judson and question’s Judson’s abilities.

Flynn has grown in the time between these two adventures.  He is still learning and growing in his roll.  His return to the Library each time grounds him and helps him to process it all.  This movie directed by Jonathan Frakes (of Star Trek:TNG fame) is light hearted and fun.  The CGI is some better, but is still a TV movie. Once again an enjoyable ride.


Theme Song:

The theme and the soundtrack was composed by Joseph Loduca. You can buy the Quest for the Spear & Return to King Solomon’s Mines joint soundtrack here.

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was: Last week’s clue led us to Legally Blond 2: Red, White & Blond.
Legally Blond 2 co-stared Sally Field. Sally also stared in this Oscar winning film with Tom Hanks.
Which lead us to the following movie: The movie was Forrest Gump


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