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Quest for the Spear is the first movie in The Librarian series. That series led to The Librarians TV series.  Today Cory and Mark enter the Library and join Flynn on his quest.  Join them!

Quest for the Spear:

The Quest for the Spear serves as the origin story for The Librarian, Flynn Carson (Noah Wyle) and builds the magical world he lives in.  Flynn is a career student who has a head full of knowledge, but has not lived outside the comfort zone of academia.  He is pushed out of his latest degree program and pushed into the real world.  His suffering mother (Olympia Dukakis) just wants to see him succeed and get him married off.  After a failed date, he is looking for a real job.

He gets a magical job interview letter at The Metropolitan Public Library. He joins the LONG line of candidates.  Little does he know that he has started a quest that will transform his life forever! After he finally makes it in to be interviewed, he uses his (almost Sherlock like) observation skills and knowledge to impress Charlene (Jane Curtin). But what seals the deal is answer to the questions what is more important than knowledge.  He answers Judson (Bob Newhart) with his mother’s phrase.  “The things that make life worth living can’t be though here (in the brain) but must be felt here (in the heart).” He has been accepted on a trial basis as the Librarian.  He finds that is in a long line dating back thousands of years.  The Librarian protects objects of great power and importance.  Excalibur, the Ark of the Covenant, and Pandora’s box are just a few things in the library.

Fynn learns the last Librarian was killed.  But we find out later that he just faked his death to become the leader of a rival orginization, the Snake Brotherhood.  They seek to use knowledge and powerful objects to rule.  Edward Wilde (Kyle MacLachlan) has sent his forces to steal the pieces of the Spear of Destiny.  With it he can rule.  They take one part from the Library.  Flynn is sent on his way to find the other pieces and he gets help from a guardian of the library, Nicole (Sonya Walger).  Their quest takes them from Mayan ruins in the Amazon to Shangri-La. Out pacing the Brotherhood for a while but then forced to work for them.  Flynn and Nicole slowly bond and become a couple.  and Edward uses that to force Flynn to find the last piece.

Edward fuses the spear back together.  But Flynn, Nicole and Judson take our the Brotherhood and Edward.  Flynn is now a full Librarian and has his portrait on the wall.  He cannot tell his mother about it, but convinces her his job is worthy.  She is still set on fixing him up with a woman.  But Nicole swoops in to cary him on the next mission, giving mom hope for her son.

Quest for the Spear is a fun ride.  Yes, it is campy at times and plays off the popularity of Indiana Jones. However it is the type of just above B Grade movie fun that we all love to watch.  The movie has action, romance, and history.  It is the type of fun ride that we can all enjoy.  The stars of the movie enjoy the ride themselves.  The humor in Quest for the Spear is great.  When you have comedy stars like Newhart & Curtin you can expect that.  While in his quest Flynn grows and matures.  We also see a lot of world building which leads us into the future movies and the TV show.  The movie series showed that tales like this could be successful and Warehouse 13 picked up that ball and ran with it for five seasons.  So if you are looking for a fun popcorn ride The Librarian movies are just the ticket.


The Librarian Theme Song:

The theme and the soundtrack was composed by Joseph Loduca. You can buy the Quest for the Spear & Return to King Solomon’s Mines joint soundtrack here.

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was: Starting at The Librarian and Bob Newhart. The infamous comedian also stared in this sequel to a very successful Reese Witherspoon movie.
Which lead us to the following movie: The movie was Legally Blond 2: Red, White & Blond


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