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Spy vs Spy and East vs West collide in the Middle East at Roger Moore & Barbara Bach fight side by side.  Corey & Geoff dive in to the Moore era of James Bond.

The Spy Who Loved Me:

The spy genera is mixed with the fantasy genera in this mid-70’s film.  We have KGB spy Anya Amasova, a.k.a. Triple X, making a reluctant team up with Bond.  They are both the best at what they do.  It is a fun ride to see James matched move for move by Triple X in the beginning of the film.  Then we get to see them forced to work together and then the magic happens.  

Bond and Triple X are both called up to investigate the disappearance or their countries’ nuclear subs.  They go to Cairo to track down leads and run into each other.  They are forced to fight side by side as Stromberg sends his henchman, Jaws, after them.  Their leaders push them into service together to track down Stromberg and his plans.  They fight Jaws and the Stromberg lackeys at every point.  Fights on the train, car chases, underwater battles and more fill out the middle of the film.

They hitch a ride on a U.S.  They discover Stromberg’s tanker is taking the subs and are trapped.  Stromberg plans to use the subs and nuclear bomb strikes to start a nuclear war that will end civilization, so he can start a new one under the sea.  Bond and the sub crews manage to take the tanker and blow up the two other subs.  James is then off to free Anya from Stromberg.  After shooting Stromberg, and sending Jaws to fight Jaws, I mean a shark, James frees Anya and they escape.  The U.S. sub destroys Stromberg’s Atlantis and James and Anya use the escape pod to engage in East/West relations.

This movie used scenery and locations to its’ advantage.  We start in the land of snow, head to the desert, go to the Mediterranean and end up in the sea. The scenery for the movie was amazing and so well shot, not surprising when the cinematographer had done work on “Cleopatra.”

Overall it was a fun ride.  This movie has gadgets galore, spy story lines, humor, action, and romance.  Where Connery’s Bond was more suave and the genera felt serious, Moore’s Bond has a lighter take and reflected the times they were shot in.  Like Doctor Who, most people have a preference for their favorite Bond, but like true Doctor Who fans, Bond fans respect all the men who played Bond.

So sit back and enjoy this fun film!


Theme song: “Nobody Does It Better” by Carly Simon:

Ride to Atlantis:

The Tanker:

On Jaws’ Trail:

Road to Cairo:


Up Next:

We close out the James Bond triple with Daniel Craig’s powerhouse performance in “Skyfall,” so please join us.

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was: We left off last week with Halle Berry in “Die Another Day.”  Hallie stared in this live action adaptation of a cartoon.

Which lead us to the following movie: The movie was “The Flintstones”


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