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Dr. No started one of the most iconic movie series of all time. Dr. No kicks of the James Bond Triplecast with Corey and Geoff delving into the world of classic spies, classic villains, classic women and lots of action.

Dr. No:

Dr. No is not the first Ian Fleming book about the world famous spy, but the movie marks the beginning of a powerful dynasty of movies.  The 1962 film set the tone for the series.  It marks the on screen beginnings of iconic phrases, stunning action sequences, and the sex appeal of Bond.

After a British Intelligence agent is killed in Jamaica, Bond, played by Sean Connery, is dispatched to seek out answers.  He is immediately opposed by the forces of the mysterious Dr. No, Joseph Wiseman, who strikes fear into his employees and the Jamaican locals alike.  James teams up with CIA agent Felix Leiter, Jack Lord, and local fisherman Quarrel, John Kitzmiller.  They seek out answers and all the evidence points to Dr. No’s island Crab Key.  James & Quarrel head to the island and run into Honey Ryder, Urusla Andress, searching for shells on the island.  They fight through the swamp and try to evade Dr. No’s forces.  However Quarrel is killed and James & Honey are captured.  They are taken to his facility and meet the mysterious Dr No.  James and the Dr. engage in smart dialogue and set the standard for the spy genera.  Dr. No sends James off with a beatdown and time in a cell.  James escapes and foils the Dr.’s plans to destroy the U.S.’s moon launch.  With Dr. No dispatched and Honey saved, James enjoys some alone time with Honey before being “rescued.”

With Dr. No, it was like everything hit its’ stride.  We see Sean Connery being molded into Bond and that swagger and charm never wore off.  We see the creation of the iconic James Bond theme.  We see the iconic introduction of Bond Girls with Honey Ryder.  Bond has intelligence, fighting skills, can think on his feet, and always gets the girl.  Dr. No is a classic and worthy of many re-watches.


Underneath The Mango Tree:

James Bond Theme:
Kingston Calypso:
Jump Up:

Up Next:

Next time we will head into the Roger Moore era with “The Spy Who Loved Me,” so please join us!

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was: In the movie “Skyfall” (our third movie), Dame Judi Dench co-stared with Rosmund Pike.

Which lead us to the following movie: The movie was another Bond film “Die Another Day” and that is where we will pick up for next week’s “Name That Movie”. (Side note: am I, Geoff, the only one who singes along with the “Name That Movie” song? :) )


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