Star Trek: Discovery – Season 1 Episode 10: Despite Yourself

On this episode of The Star Trek Discovery Podcast, new co-host Ruthie and I discuss the mid-season premiere of Star Trek: Discovery, S1E10, titled Despite Yourself. In the long standing tradition, Discovery travels to the Mirror Universe. We both LOVED this episode!!!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the Emperor of them all?

So much happened in this episode! We discover that Burnham is the Captain of the ISS Shenzhou, or at least was before being presumed dead. Lorca is a fugitive in this universe, and although he captained the Buran, like he did in the prime universe, was never captain of the ISS Discovery. Instead, Tilly is the captain, and she has earned several nicknames for her command, including “Captain Killy”.

Who’s Got a Secret?

We learn more about the Tyler/L’Rell situation, and it gets really complicated, while we lose a valued member of the crew as a result.

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