Star Trek: Discovery – Season 1 Episode 9: Into the Forest I Go

The fall finale is here! On this episode of The Star Trek Discovery Podcast, Adam and I discuss Season 1 Episode 9, titled Into the Forest I Go. We see the Discovery fight the Klingon Ship of the Dead and General Kol, and Burnham redeem herself a great deal from the mutiny in the series premiere. She defeats Kol, rescues Admiral Cornwell, and is instrumental in saving Pahvo from certain destruction. We also see 133 spore drive micro jumps! Don’t you think that the spore drive is cool? However, it is clear that too much of a good thing can get you killed!

So what did we think of Into the Forest I Go?

I thought this was the best episode of Star Trek: Discovery so far! Adam did not like it as much as I did, but still found it to be a solid episode. We’ll see you back before the winter premiere on January 7th!

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