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As everyone decides what to do about Lash, many characters have to examine their own feelings about what constitutes a “monster” in this week’s episode, Chaos Theory. Is May headed back down a path of darkness and guilt? Is Daisy starting to agree with Rosalind even as the ATCU chief reveals (possibly) her duplicitous side?

Join us for show news, episode analysis, Faith’s CoulSass moments, and our listener feedback segment! This week we talk about Fitz’s response to Simmons’ admissions, Bobbi’s warning about Hunter’s vengefulness, Rosalind’s convincing response to Daisy’s argument, Andrew’s lack of control over Lash’s actions, and much more!

What are your thoughts on the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD? Use our Feedback page or call 304-837-2278. And while you’re at it, why not take a few minutes to leave a rating and review in iTunes?

Taltos’ Addition of the SWORD Emblem



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