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The war is over, and Agent Carter is finding out what it’s like to be a woman in the world of 1946 America. The SSR acts almost as a “Homeland Security” office investigating the whereabouts of Howard Stark, who is accused of selling weapons to enemies of the state. The series is off to a roaring start as Agent Carter stays one step ahead of the bad guys… and her male co-workers.

Join us for show news, episode analysis, and the “Sandbox Mailbox” for listener feedback! This week we talk about the conflicts Peggy Carter faces, the helpfulness and duplicity of Jarvis, the relationships for Carter at home and at work, and the theories surrounding Leviathan.

What are your thoughts on the latest episode of Agent Carter? Use our Feedback page or call 304-837-2278. And while you’re at it, why not take a few minutes to leave a rating and review in iTunes?

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