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How cool that Agents of SHIELD was able to introduce a new character from the comics into the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Skye is revealed to be Daisy (a.k.a. Quake) and her transformation comes to fruition in What They Become. Somehow the writers also managed to squeeze in growth for Fitz, a change in alliances for Ward and Agent 33, and the death of both a villain and someone more dear to us.

Join us for show news, episode analysis, our “Declassified” segment, and the “Sandbox Mailbox” for listener feedback! This week we talk about who Daisy Johnson and Cal Zabo are, who Raina may have become, and the changing relationships between some of our key characters.

What would you like to Declassify? Tweet #DeclassifySB with your predictions, opinions, ‘shipping desires, or anything else you’d like to see in the series. You can also include a Declassify in your feedback contribution! Use our Feedback page or call 304-837-2278. And while you’re at it, why not take a few minutes to leave a rating and review in iTunes?


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