In this special San Diego Comic Con 2013 podcast, we bring you our press room interviews with the cast and producers of Falling Skies!  Participating in the press room was Noah Wyle who plays Tom Mason, Will Patton who plays Captain Weaver, Sarah Conner who plays Maggie, Drew Roy who plays Hal Mason, Moon Bloodgood who plays Anne Glass, Connor Jessup who plays Ben Mason, Colin Cunningham who plays John Pope, and Doug Jones who plays Cochise.  Also participating in the press room were executive producers Greg Beeman, Reme Aubuchon, and Justin Falvey.

The cast and producers talk about the various plot developments we’ve seen over the last few episodes, what might happen with Tom, Anne, and their baby, and Hal’s recent bad boy story arc.  We also get a few teasers about how the season will end, the role Cochise might play, and what the process is like for Doug Jones as he gets into character for Cochise.

While we don’t produce a dedicated podcast for Falling Skies for Golden Spiral Media, Darrell, along with Emilee O’Leary, hosts and produces a weekly show about Falling Skies for TV Talk.  We encourage you to check out the TV Talk app for iOS and Android, and join in our weekly conversation about Falling Skies.

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