In this weeks episode of the Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom hang out with the monkeys and overcome some fears as they discuss season 4 episodes 7 & 8, “The Wrong Stuff” and “Dreams.”

The Wrong Stuff:

Sam leaps into Bobo, a chimpanzee that is part of a research project involving the space program. Al tasks Sam with the job of making sure that Bobo makes it into the space program due to the fact in the original history Bobo just disappeared. Sam attempts to communicate with Dr Leslie Ashton, the head of the program, but eventually has to resign himself to doing what Bobo would have done, which is try to pass the tests to get him selected as a candidate for space travel. Unfortunately Sam is not good at both, being a chimp and passing the space program tests, eventually causing him to fail along with his chimp partner, Cory, who was distracted by Sam’s antics on the tests.

Mean while, a new doctor has been assigned to the bass working on a Classified project and wastes no time in flirting with Leslie, asking her out, to which she agrees to after the chimps are chosen and launched into space.

Al returns with news that they managed to get into the classified records and discovered that Bobo died from blunt head trauma. Wondering how that could have happened, two orderlies arrive to take some chimps to Dr Winger for his project and after getting mad at Cory for spitting on them, they tranquilize her and take her instead of the one they were supposed to. Sam manges to communicate this to Leslie when she returns to find Cory gone, and she confronts the men but Sam attacks them, eventually being tranq’d as well and carted off to Winger’s project.

As Al tries desperately to get Sam to wake up, Winger readies a battering ram that will hit Sam in the side of his helmeted head, hoping to use the data gathered to develop better helmets for human astronauts, despite Leslie’s protests that it is inhumane to sacrifice one species over another. Sam wakes up at the last second and narrowly missed the ram and escapes with Cory and the tranquilizer gun, hiding out on the base. Eventually they cross a beam across a small river but Winger, in pursuit, falls in and starts to drown. Sam leaps into the water and rescues him, resulting in Winger being grateful and thankful and deciding to stop his experiments. Al says despite that he does go on to develop better helmets, and that now, Bobo and Cory will have a baby together, as Sam leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

The title is based upon the movie about the Mercury astronauts The Right Stuff (1983).

Leslie was played by Caroline Goodall. No relation to Jane Goodall. She played Moira Banning in Hook. She also appeared in Endeavor and The Crown.

Orderly was played by Kim Robillard. He was also in Hook as Toothless Cripple. Incidentally, George Lucas and Carrie Fisher were the couple kissing on the bridge.

Al talked about being an Astronaut, and said he was on an Apollo mission which orbited The Moon. The time of the manned Apollo orbital missions occurred in late 1968 and early 1969, at which time Al was previously established as being a POW, or at least serving in the Vietnam War. While at the time NASA recruited Military Personnel to be Astronauts, it is unlikely, if not impossible that Al would seemingly go straight from working for NASA to be sent by the Navy for combat service.

Kiss With History:

On Jan 31, 1961, the first fully equipped operational Mercury capsule suborbital test launch with a primate, Ham, onboard in MR-2. On November 29, 1961, the first Chimpanzee to orbit the Earth was Enos, in MA-5


Sam leaps into Jack Stone, a policeman investigating a murder of a woman named Janice DeCaro that happened moments before his leap in. Sam gets her two young children out of harm’s way and confronts the husband, Peter DeCaro, apparently in a state of shock, ready to kill himself, but Sam manages to subdue him.

Al arrives to tell Sam that he is there to make sure that Peter doesn’t kill Jack in the next two days as he did in the original history, but Sam is suddenly focused on the door leading to the body of Janice, experiencing sudden flashbacks from Jack’s life. Later that night, Sam experiences dreams much like his visions from earlier, and speculates that part of Jack Stone may have been left behind inside of Sam for this Leap.

Sam confronts Dr Crane, who was treating both Peter and his wife and had shown up to their house after Sam leapt in. Crane explains that they had marital problems and that Janice was planning on leaving Peter. Crane also attempts to help Sam deal with the visions and dreams he’s been having but before they can delve deeper, Al arrives and manages to get Sam to leave the office, saying that Jack had had an affair with Janice years before and that could be the motive for Peter to have killed him.

Sam tries to get information from the son, PJ DeCaro, about what happened at the DeCaro house but he’s still in shock and unable to talk. Eventually he gives Sam a drawing of gloves, referring to Crane who seems to normally wear gloves as part of his wardrobe.

Sam meets Crane at the DeCaro house and once again is put into a trance by Crane, and begins describing his dreams/visions again, as we find out he is reliving a memory Jack Stone had experienced as a boy when he discovered his own mother’s body in the pathology lab during her autopsy after she had been murdered. Crane turns out to be the actual killer as he starts to convince Sam to use his own gun to kill himself. Crane had fallen for Janice but she wanted to end it so he ended up literally taking her heart when she wouldn’t continue the affair.

Al manages to rouse Sam from his trance and he shoots Crane before he can attack him with a knife and with Crane now dead, Sam finally leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Alan Scarfe plays Mason Crane in this episode. He was in the series Seven Days as Bradley Talmage. He also played Herman Walters in Lethal Weapon 3.

The DeCaro’s daughter was played by Noley Thornton. She played Theresa in Tequila and Bonetti.

This episodes unsung hero as Jack Stone was David Garrison. We’ve seen him in Lois and Clark as a security guard in the third season episode Resurrection. His last name is the same last name as a character in one episode (Tommy Garrison, a cybernetically enhanced boxer).

Another less than perfect mirror shot in this episode. Scott can be seen ducking away as the unsung hero steps in to walk towards the mirror.

Whats Next?

Next weeks episode discussions are “A Single Drop of Rain” and “Unchained”.


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