In this weeks Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom just want to get away and hold on tight to the skin they’re in as they discuss season 2 episodes 15 and 16 “Her Charm” and “Freedom.”

Her Charm:

Sam leaps into Peter Langley, an FBI agent in charge of protecting a brash and seemingly ungrateful witness named Dana Barringer who testified against a criminal named Nick Kochifos. Nick, eventually acquitted of his accused crimes, has been hunting Dana ever since and even managed to find her despite her being in the witness protection program due to a mole he has within the FBI itself.

Sam changes the plan to get Dana to a safe house in Baltimore after Al tells her that Dana dies on the way there. He decides instead to take her to a cabin that he used to go to with a professor he developed his time travel string theory with, Professor Lonigro.

Sam and Dana get closer while avoiding another hit attempt and once at the cabin, get REALLY close but it all goes awry when she sees Nick’s Private phone number on Sam/Pete’s matchbook. Dana runs away but finds herself surrounded by Sam/Pete, who she believes to be a criminal now, and Nick, who used a beacon that Pete had on him to find the two. Sam convinces her that he is trying to help her and a shootout occurs with Nick getting killed. Sam gives a confused Dana Pete’s gun so she can hold him captive until his boss arrives and arrests him. Their moment is interrupted as Professor Lonigro himself shows up to the cabin and asks the two why they are there to which Sam jumps up and tried to explain to him that their theory worked but before he can, he leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

This episodes unsung hero is Mark Harrigan, his credits include “Quantum Leap” and “Total Exposure” where he is credited as Fitness Trainer.

Teri Austen plays Dana, she was also in “Knots Landing” seasons 6-10 out of 14 seasons. She played Jill Bennett.

The FBI boss is played by Stanley Brock. He’s an 80’s “that guy.”

Al’s Fashion of the Week:

Red may be back in, but before dying your fedora back to that brilliant scarlet shade, why not bleach it white first!? It pairs nicely with a heavy brown trench coat, floral shirt and that trusty old bolo tie. This is the “Mountainous Explorer” collection.


Sam leaps into a Shoshone Indian man named George Washakie, in the middle of a beating from a police officer. It turns out that he and his grandfather, Joseph Washakie had stolen a truck while breaking out of a nursing home in an attempt to get Joseph back home to his reservation.

The two manage to escape jail but as they head towards the reservation, Sam learns of Joseph’s medical conditions while Al tells him that going to a hospital will only end badly as the sheriff is after them, leaving them with no choice but to try and push onward while Joseph’s granddaughter Suzanne calls them over the radio to reason with them.

They manage to avoid the sheriff several times and make it a good way towards the reservation but Suzanne catches up with them, pleading for them to return. While they talk, the sheriff appears and shoots Joseph. Sam tells Suzanne to get him across the river to the reservation whole he goes and contains the sheriff. A fight ensues with Sam getting the better of the lawman, however, the sheriff gets a shot off and manages to hit Joseph. Sam gives an impassioned speech to which the sheriff responds by lowering his gun and allowing the trio to walk across the river, returning Joseph to the land of his birth, resulting in Sam leaping.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

This episodes unsung hero is James Carrera. He has a few credits, working every several years.

On the Bluray, Tom noticed that there’s a noticeable blue line through the screen during the talk in the jail about stealing the car.

The end Leap is supposed to be into a coroner for “Good Night, Dear Heart” episode, according to the QL Fandom Wikia.

Kiss with History:

The Shoshone Tribe

Washakie (c.1798/1810 – February 20, 1900) was a prominent leader of the Shoshone people during the mid-19th century.
The Chief Washakie Foundation was founded in 2004. It supports educational programs and research into the history and cultural traditions of the Shoshone and Arapaho of Central Wyoming

There is also Fort Washakie in Wyoming, learn more about it here.

Whats Next?

Next weeks episode discussions are “Good Night, Dear Heart” and “Pool Hall Blues”


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