Cory and Nathan are kicking off the Broken Lizard Rewatch! We’re heading back to their very first movie, independently produced in 1996 we’re discussing “Puddle Cruiser.”

Puddle Cruiser (1996):

Felix Bean, with fellow college classmates Grogan and Matt, break into the cafeteria to steal food. When campus security arrives, Felix escapes out of a back window leaving his friends to take the rap.

Despite being caught red handed, Grogan and Matt are released and appointed a student lawyer, Suzanne, to represent them at an upcoming trial. Later, at a party, Felix is introduced to Suzanne and it’s love at first sight. Felix clumsily attempts to flirt across the next few nights, failing to make an impression. He even turns to close friend, Emily, as well as mail room attendant, Freaky Reaky, for mostly unhelpful advice.

Felix finally lands and awkward dinner date with Suzanne, only to learn she is currently seeing someone from rival school, Peck University. However, Felix is unthreatened by Suzanne’s current love interest upon learning his girly name, Traci Shannon; even joking with buddy, Zach, about how much Traci must have to defend his masculinity by playing tough sports like rugby.

Zach is also facing a complicated love life, having recently asked for the phone number of running track regular, Margery, only to realise she didn’t write down enough digits. Too embarrassed to approach her again to get the complete number, he finds himself trying to complete the number at random by calling every possible number combination.

Felix and Suzanne grow closer, spending more time together at the behest of Emily who has a seemingly endless sprawl of extracurricular performance activities she is involved in. Felix decides to invite Suzanne to a bar the next night but when he arrives late, Suzanne is surprised to see Traci and Felix ends up hooking up with Jennifer Montgomery.

Suzanne decides she has a great time with Felix and the two hook up, but keep an open relationship so she can continue to see Traci. Suzanne also continues to work as Grogan and Matt’s student lawyer for extra credit and starts to push them for information on a suspected third party involved in the cafeteria break in.

Things don’t last long between Suzanne and Felix when he reveals he slept with Jennifer, despite their instance of an open relationship. In the confusion, they break up and after receiving more bad advice from Freaky Reaky, Felix decides to prove his masculinity by joining the rugby team.

On the day of the trial, Grogan and Matt think it will help their defence if they tell Suzanne about Felix’s involvement in the break-in but instead she recuses herself due to personal conflict. The boys end up representing themselves and are given 500 hours of community service.

Suzanne breaks things off with Traci, but on the same night Felix once again hooks up with Jennifer. Felix doesn’t hide it so Suzanne asks for a committed relationship, and they officially decide to see each other exclusively.

Zach finally calls Margery but they have a lackluster date, and Emily starts seeing Freaky Reaky. Suddenly, a spanner is thrown in the works; Felix is going to play Traci in an upcoming rugby match. Everyone tells him it’s a terrible idea but he insists on playing. Knowing that Traci will possibly kill him on the field, Suzanne breaks up with Felix out of desperation but he still refuses to quit the team and and inadvertent comment to his teammates leads to a call out by Felix to Traci on the campus radio station.

Suzanne even tries to turn Felix for the break-in so he can’t play but the team manages to confuse security so he can’t be taken away. Immediately, Traci targets Felix and he is hospitalised for his injuries. He is released for the break-in out of sympathy and he begs Suzanne to take him back. The two enjoy each other’s company on a park bench at sunset while Grogan, Matt and Freaky Reaky are once more caught breaking into the cafeteria as credits roll.


This is a slight recommend. We give this movie a lot of credit because of it’s independent nature. These guys got off their butts and made a movie. It’s maybe not a realised as it could be and got a bit slow at parts. The performances are pretty good, especially from the Broken Lizard team, but all the supporting cast bring an decent energy.

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