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Some information about this episode

Two Gun HartLet’s talk about Richard Hart, aka James Vincenzo Capone, shall we? He did what many boys wanted to do at age 16, leave home to join the circus. He also decried his Italian heritage altogether by losing his accent and changing his name – legally – to Richard Hart. Reportedly it was to honor his favorite film star, cowboy William S. Hart.

He went on to serve in WWI in France as a Lieutentant, and after his service, moved to Nebraska in order to become a Federal Prohibition Agent. He was nicknamed “Two-gun” Hart from his many bootlegger busts, so in my book, that makes him the smarter and more successful brother. He was outed as the brother of Al Capone in the 1920s, but by then he had such a reputation as a hardass, nobody dared take him on.

He switched jobs and became employed with the Bureau of Indian Affairs in South Dakota where he performed a similar function as his previous vocation – hunting down law-breakers and moonshiners. But he was back as a Prohibition Agent in 1931 until the law was repealed, when he became a Justice of the Peace. A fairly colorful life, he died of a heart attack in 1952 at the age of 60.

Steampunk Dividiver

Block Ness, Oh Brother!

NessGunnedDownIn probably the most surprising historical change this season, our time-team enlists the help of Elliott Ness, who is summarily gunned down in a hail of bullets. Crazytown! Lucy then remembers the not-yet-discovered brother of Al Capone (the aforementioned Richard Hart), and they enlist his help to take down his brother in order to preserve the timeline as best they can.

The repercussions of losing someone as notable as Elliott Ness might be great, I mean, THE UNTOUCHABLES…

Patriot Act, Scmatriot Act

The NSA is all up in Jiya’s biznis this week. I should really put those initials in quotation marks, because we’re really talking about Rittenhouse. Agent Beardy finds the burner phone Rufus surreptitiously slipped her, and after that – it’s interrogation 101 for the rest of the episode.

He underestimates her resolve however, and she breaks away to keep them from getting past the virus Rufus left behind – going so far as to totally shut down the system before they can get everything back online. She’s definitely picked her side.



Flynn found Charvet last week, but the Monsieur didn’t have the answers he needed. The Mayor of Chicago was his next target, so Al Capone facilitates that introduction. Garcia gets him released from his tax evasion charges, and calls in his chip in order to get information on a Rittenhouse meeting that occurs each generation.

Capone feels like he still owes Flynn a favor, and that leads us to…

Bullets, Bullets Everywhere and Not a Stormtrooper in Sight

Of course in this episode targets are hit with pinpoint accuracy (for the most part), which means Elliott Ness meets his demise much earlier than he’s meant to, as well as Al Capone, his Henchman, and Rufus catches some lead from the gangster as a favor to Flynn. Wyatt manages to push him out of the way enough that it’s not a kill-shot, but it does plenty of damage.

They make it to the time-ship where Rufus makes a heroic attempt to pilot them home, but passes out just before the show fades to black. CLIFFHANGER!


On March 13

1639Harvard College is named after clergyman John Harvard
1781William Herschel discovers Uranus.
1862American Civil War: The U.S. federal government forbids all Union army officers from returning fugitive slaves, thus effectively annulling the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 and setting the stage for the Emancipation Proclamation.
1930 – The news of the discovery of Pluto is telegraphed to the Harvard College Observatory.
1969Apollo program: Apollo 9 returns safely to Earth after testing the Lunar Module.
1991 – The United States Department of Justice announces that Exxon has agreed to pay $1 billion for the clean-up of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.
2013Pope Francis is elected, in the papal conclave, as the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church.
Notable Births:
1764Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey, English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
1798Abigail Fillmore, American wife of Millard Fillmore, 14th First Lady of the United States
1910Sammy Kaye, American saxophonist, songwriter, and bandleader
1911L. Ron Hubbard, American religious leader and author, founded the Church of Scientology
1913William J. Casey, American politician, 13th Director of Central Intelligence
1920Ralph J. Roberts, American businessman, co-founded Comcast
1933 Mike Stoller, American songwriter and producer
1939 Neil Sedaka, American singer-songwriter and pianist
1950 William H. Macy, American actor, director, and screenwriter
1951Charo, Spanish-American singer, guitarist, and actress
1955 Glenne Headly, American actress
1956Dana Delany, American actress and producer
1972Common, American rapper and actor
Notable Deaths:
1619Richard Burbage, English actor
1901Benjamin Harrison, American general and politician, 23rd President of the United States
1906Susan B. Anthony, American activist
1938 Clarence Darrow, American lawyer and author
2001 Henry Lee Lucas, American serial killer
2006 Maureen Stapleton, American actress

Next Week’s Summary & Promo



With one of our heroes’ lives on the line, the team chases Flynn (Goran Višnjic) to 1954 through the paranoid corridors of Joe McCarthy’s (guest star Spencer Garrett) Washington D.C., en route to a secret, once-a-generation meeting of Rittenhouse leaders. While there, Lucy (Abigail Spencer) must wager the ultimate sacrifice to save history as we know it. Also starring Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett, Paterson Joseph, Sakina Jaffrey and Claudia Doumit. Guest starring Daniel Di Tomasso, Johnathan Tchaikovsky and Bruce Gray.

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