RM22 – S2E05 – Ask Not What the Time Team Can Do For You

RM22 – S2E05 – Ask Not What the Time Team Can Do For You

Doug and Kevin (guest co-host this week) discuss a Kennedy flying the coop (bunker), shipping Wyatt and either Lucy or Jessica, and an Agent Christopher who can hold her own. Read more…

RM19 – S2E02 – Oh My Darling-ton

RM19 – S2E02 – Oh My Darling-ton

The Time Team goes back to 1955 at the Darlington 500 to foil a plot by a Rittenhouse sleeper agent who wants to curb the US auto industry. With the help of historical figure Wendell Scott, they work their magic. Meanwhile, Jiya’s visions are coming true, and Connor Mason has to cancel a speaking engagement. Read more…


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