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It’s been almost a year since we’ve put out a podcast episode about a TV episode of POI; that’s how long they’ve made us wait. So if you memory has been compressed, like the Machine’s, you may have forgotten some of what happened last season. Never fear, though! With Darrell’s rewatch of season 4 (and Doug’s cribbing of CBS’s website), we are here to catch you up and make our predictions about the upcoming season (who will live and who will die, how this all ends).

CBS has decided to compress the season as well, so we’ll be podcasting just once a week on Wednesday nights, covering everything shown that week. Many weeks that’s 2 episodes, and in once case, it’ll be 3!

And in our (rather extended) spoilers section, we’ll run down the episode titles and speculate on what they will mean.

Could there be a reboot or a chapter 2? Michael Emerson has some thoughts.
What are the show runners favorite episodes? Read their 8 favorites here, including 1 from season 5.

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Send us your feedback, and see if you can Beat The Machine with predictions, and give us your thoughts, theories, and ratings. On the Golden Spiral Media feedback page, let us hear what you think!


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