“I thought he was green. I thought he was good.” If you fell behind on Arrow before the break you may be as baffled as the criminals of Starling City. Let me catch you up.

The Canary Has fallen.
Thea shot the arrows that killed the Canary.
Malcolm Merlin is back.
The League of Assassins has threatened to make blood flow in the streets of Starling City.
Oliver confessed to Sarah’s murder to cover for Thea.
Oliver requested trial by combat.
Oliver was defeated, pierced with a sword, and pushed off a cliff.

Now you’re up to date and the agonizing 5 weeks of waiting is over. It had been three days since anyone had seen or heard from Oliver. Felicity would not give up hope that Oliver would come home.

Just because The Arrow is away does not mean the bad guys didn’t play. Roy and Diggle did an amazing job in The Arrow’s absence Danny Brickwell stole evidence from court cases. Laurel could not prosecute without the evidence so criminals were able to walk free. Brickwell wanted to use these criminals to take over The Glades. Merlin came looking for Oliver. When the team reported he had not returned Merlin said he would look into it. Merlin soon returned with the sword covered in Oliver’s blood to confirm his death to the group. Felicity’s pain was palpable.

Malcolm Merlin is a puppet master, so what is his game? I think he wants the city and its heroes weak and devastated so that he can take control. Oliver Queen is not weak. He survived the island and adventures in Hong Kong. Now even death can not defeat The Arrow. Will whatever miracle that has brought Oliver back give him immortality? Will his health be forever tied to whatever substance saved him? I think that his brush with death will cause Oliver to view his relationship with Felicity differently. Unfortunately I think Felicity’s grief may push her into Ray Palmer’s arms. Tune in next week to see more of Laurel stepping out of the courtroom to keep the streets safe.

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