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“Red Dawn” gave us the epic battle we’ve been waiting for all Season long between Supergirl and Red Daughter. It also gave us the return of Alex’s memories (yay!), Ben Lockwood being shown he’s been a puppet this whole time (YAY!), and Brainy short circuiting and rebooting (BOO!). It’s the penultimate episode of the season and it did not disappoint!

Slitting the Throat of the Fattened Heifer of the American Dream Snake Oil

MOS 87 RDKWe pick up immediately after last episode with Kara being kidnapped by President Baker’s security team. We learn that Kara is going to be held until it’s determined she’s no longer a threat and that her evidence has been scrubbed on the CatCo servers. Kara dispenses with the agents quickly and is met at the door by Red Daughter of Krypton (RDK from here on) holding a big ole rock ‘o Kryptonite. Before RDK kills Kara she wants to know why Kara does what she does because why would she support democracy, and capitalism, and the rest of the American Dream. Kara tries to point out that working with Lex is a lose-lose proposition and RDK insists Lex is working for the betterment of the world. As RDK moves closer to Kara the Kryptonite starts to affect her as well so Kara takes advantage and attacks. RDK shoots Kara in the arm but she gets away and recovers enough to fly from the scene. At J’onn’s apartment he gets the bullet fragments from her and Kara is distraught because the pen was supposed to be mightier and because Lex knows who she is so therefore Alex could be in trouble as well. J’onn cautions her that Alex can’t be told that Kara is Supergirl because that would be…bad. Kara goes quickly to the DEO and changes into Supergirl. Alex is startled to see her and Supergirl explains the whole RDK thing. Col Haley also drops in and is really not happy to see Supergirl until she’s brought in on the whole thing. They get Supergirl recharged with directed sunlight lamps and they pinpoint where RDK is hanging out in National City. Supergirl says Alex cannot come along, this has to be her alone. Supergirl goes to the apartment and finds it basically like hers except for any kind of decoration. There are clothes, wigs, glasses, etc along with a hand written journal that details out Kara’s life and friends. There is also a picture of Mikael from Kaznia. Alex comes anyway and learning that Kara could be a target of RDK (without realizing why), she gets panicked that she can’t protect her sister well. Supergirl places her hand on Alex’s and things are calmed down. Alex then gets a call from Eliza that Kara is there with her in Midvale and that all is well. Supergirl panics and tells Alex Eliza needs to get out of there now. By the time Supergirl gets there RDK has Eliza and again wants to why all of this stuff is around the house and how wasteful it is. Supergirl brings up RDK affection for Mikael and then the fight is on! The two battle one another and having the same powers things are pretty much at a standstill – except – RDK has a purple lightning weapon that Supergirl does not. That becomes her advantage and her way to weaken Supergirl. They continue the fight and Supergirl is bested. RDK listens for Supergirl’s heart to stop beating and flies up to watch Alex and Eliza react. As she’s watching she appears to be summoned away by what we don’t know. The next thing we see is Col Haley putting together that Lex has a miniature version of the Claymoor weapon in the Lex-o-suit and on television we hear President Baker say that Lex Luthor has brought the terrorist Supergirl to justice and we see the Lex-o-suit holding the seemingly dead RDK on the screen.

Alex’s Beautiful Mind

MOS 87 AlexAlex is having a dream/memory about teenage her and Kara yukking it up through Midvale and they come close to a cliff and something knocks them off. She jolts awake to find Kelly still on her couch. Dr. Kelly surmises that the dream is a reflection of her not-so-successful adoption in Portsmouth. Alex thinks that something is off in her brain and that it has to do with Kara. At the DEO when Supergirl is rebuffing Alex coming with her to find RDK Alex also finds that particularly odd. When Supergirl realizes Eliza is in trouble and flies away Alex follows on her motorcycle. As she watches Supergirl get pummeled by RDK she has a series of memories that go back to Kara saving the teen them by flying them back to safety. As Supergirl succumbs to her injuries Alex goes to her and cries for her not to give up. Eliza is also distraught and Alex says they need to get sunlight into her. She surmises that the grass in the field they’re in has sunlight in it by photosynthesis. She places a clump of grass into Supergirl’s hand and begs her to fight. The grass in her hand and all around her starts to give its sunlight to Supergirl and it does indeed revive her. As she wakes up Alex tells her how much she’s missed her and Supergirl says the same. [My summary will not do it justice. This sequence was simply. beautiful.]

Ben Lockwood The Puppet

MOS 87 BenMOS 87 Dynamic DuoLena goes back to the DEO to report on what she and Kara found out in Kaznia – Red Daughter, the Lex-Plan, everything. Among her, Alex, and Brainy they put together that Ben Lockwood is at the center of these things. Lena says she’ll go lean on him to find out where Lex is. Lena also has bought the prison where Lillian is and has therefore gotten her out for the weekend to do a little science experiment. She needs Lillian to figure out a way to extract the Harun-El from Ben (or Jimmy). She also sicks a baby truth seeker on Lillian. Lillian can figure it out and she also admits that does in fact love Lena. She finds Ben, who can no longer get President Baker on the phone, and Ben tells her it’s too late to get her “Super Serum” back. She demands to know where Lex is and he doesn’t understand why he’s supposed to know. She tells him that Otis, President Baker, and Ben himself are all working for Lex. Ben is dumbfounded and also angry. He leaves and Lena along with James follow. Ben goes to the warehouse to find Otis there. Otis confesses to Ben that yes, he got Ben into the position he is in – but, he didn’t tell him to wear the mask, that was just icing on the cake. Now that Otis has confessed he has to kill Ben. James gets in on the action to stop Ben because they need Otis to lead them to Lex. James then short circuits as the Harun-El goes trippy on him. Ben rips the Kryptonite from Metallo-Otis and that’s likely the end of him. Ben gets away. Lena brings James back to Lillian and she has figured out that giving him another dose will stabilize him. They do it so James retains his powers. Oh, and the poison that Lena gave Lillian in their first meeting? Yeah, she gives her the antidote. The look on Lillian’s face that Lena actually poisoned her? Priceless.

BONUS: Bye, Bye, Brainy…Hello “The 5th”

MOS 87 BrainyBrainy goes to J’onn to ask for help in finding aliens. They go and determine that a shell corporation of Ameritek has taken all of the aliens from Ben’s roundups in order to use their abilities to charge a battery of sorts. They follow the trail back to the company and Dreamer is with them as well. Brainy has been waiting the entire day for the right moment to express his being in love with her but the timing never works out. Dreamer wants to Wookie their way in with J’onn shapeshifting and carrying her and Brainy in as prisoners. J’onn’s not really feeling the Wookie so he leaves to do some reconnaissance so Brainy decides to make Dreamer happy and Wookie’s his way to being Secretary Lockwood. He’s immediately found out as Brainiac in the full blue. He and Dreamer are separated and under capture he is hit on the head so hard that his neural network resets and he is rebooted. In the process he transforms and speaks about space travel being also time travel and how hard he has tried to keep his ancestral instincts at bay. However, they have reset him and so that is a cataclysmic mistake. He breaks free and absolutely destroys his captors. His character changes and he finds Dreamer and identifies himself as “The 5th.” He breaks her restraints then changes his mind and says that she will go through the portal where they are sending aliens and astral project their location so he can take action. He leaves Dreamer captured while she begs for help. J’onn also catches up with him and Brainiac 5 disables him and leaves him to be captured and sent to the other location as well. He watches from above as Dreamer and J’onn are sent to the other side.

Closing Thoughts

This is the longest summary that I’ve written all year. The sheer amount of storytelling in this episode was outstanding and that all of the different pieces came together to make a well-paced episode is a testament to the writing team. As usual as we move toward the end of the Season we are going to get monumentous actions and this episode did not disappoint. The battle between Supergirl and RDK as well as Chyler Leigh’s extraordinary performance in her desperation of Supergirl’s death while remembering her sister’s relationship were tremendous. Where this episode took things to the next level is the destruction of Brainy and the birth of Brainiac 5. Well played, team. Well played. Shout out to the Mother’s Lillian and Eliza both being on this Mother’s Day episode and all that they bring in their appearances. This episode brings so much to the table and to know that Lex Luthor will be back for the finale sets up the excitement for how Season 4 will be wrapping up!
MOS 87 Lex

Cougar’s Comic Corner

“Superman: Last Son of Krypton”
DIG010127_2._SX360_QL80_TTD_(October 8, 2013) Written by Geoff Johns and Artists Richard “Freaking” Donner and Adam Kubert
Two of Geoff Johns’ (JUSTICE LEAGUE, AQUAMAN, BLACKEST NIGHT, GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH) most acclaimed stories of his now classic ACTION COMICS run are collected here! Along with co-writer Richard Donner (director of the original Superman feature films), Johns will take us on a epic journey that will leave Superman re-examining everything about himself.

A rocket lands in Metropolis containing a boy Superman thinks is from Krypton. Along with figuring out what that means to him, Superman must protect young Christopher Kent, who has become the most valuable child on the planet thanks to his immense power. Will Superman be able to protect him against both Lex Luthor and his new Superman Revenge Squad, as well as the Phantom Zone criminals General Zod, Ursa and Non?

This all sets the stage for Superman’s showdown with one of his greatest foes: Brainiac!

Buy it on Amazon here!

Next time on “Supergirl”!

Season 4, Episode 22, “The Quest For Peace”
LEX LUTHOR RETURNS – Lex Luthor descends upon Washington, DC and summons Lena and Lillian Luthor to the White House. Supergirl realizes she has one last chance to stop Lex and turns to the power of the press to help her. Jesse Warn directed the episode with story by Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller and teleplay by Rob Wright and Derek Simon.


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