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If you are reading this… you are likely not from Daxam. In the Season 2 finale of Supergirl we watched as all the Daxamites either fled or died as the lead unleashed by Lex Luthor’s modified thingamajig spread into the atmosphere. This season finale, titled with the increasingly popular feminism mantra, Nevertheless, She Persisted, originally aired on Monday May 22, 2017. If you’re looking for a good summary of that mantra, wait for the feedback section of the podcast!

Lets Lead Loose

Finales are a difficult beast. There is a lot of weight riding on their shoulders. Like every other episode of the season, they have to tell a story; they need a beginning, middle and end; they need good dialogue, action sequences, tension, drama. But there’s more pressure than that. The finale is responsible for the whole season. Maybe that doesn’t seem fair, but when a story arc spans the entirety of a season… I think it’s entirely fair for the weight to fall on the shoulders of the finale.

To a certain extent, Supergirl satisfied this quota. Mon-El has been an increasingly consistent force in the Supergirl story, and so, by extension, have the Daxamites. While the threat of Daxam is rather recent, Kara has a baked-in distrust of Daxamites that includes one, and only one, exception. Taking a step back from all of my complaints of inconsistencies and underdeveloped characters, we can abstractly look at the progression of both Kara and Mon-El to Rhea’s arrival and accept that the events which unfolded were…inevitable.

Inevitable, somewhat predictable, but overall visually dynamic, the season finale disposed of ruthless Rhea and dangled a couple carrots in front of us to keep us running to next season. Karen and I will give our highs and lows, but the feedback we received was certainly where the episode shines.

Thank you to everyone for contributing to another year of Maid of Steel! Be sure to check back periodically over the summer as we may have some fun extras as things come up.

Cougar’s Comic Corner

Supergirl: Red Daughter of Krypton (Amazon & comiXology link)

MOS43 - lets lead loose - Red DaugherRed Daughter of Krypton is a twelve-issue Superman/Green Lantern crossover story arc published in 2014, with Tony Bedard, Charles Soule and Robert Venditti as the writers. After the events of Red Lanterns #27 and Supergirl #27 -which serve as a prologue-, the proper story begins in Supergirl #28, Supergirl #29 and Green Lantern #29 and continues through the Red Lanterns and Supergirl titles, concluding in Supergirl #33.

A short while after the events of H’el on Earth and Krypton Returns, Supergirl picks a fight with Lobo in the research facility known as “The Block”. Realizing he can’t go toe-to-toe with a Kryptonian, Lobo does everything he can to push her buttons and to make her so irrationally angry that she can’t fight effectively.

However, Kara has been having a very hard time since she arrived in the planet. She’s only fifteen and she’s already lost her home… twice. Her home-world is gone, her parents and all her friends are dead, her relationship with her only living relative is strained, she doesn’t manage to fit into Earth, and apparently everyone she meets wants to decide what is better for her, use her or betray her after earning her trust. She’s confused, heart-broken, and above all very, very angry. So, Lobo’s taunting uncorks a volcano of rage in her that acts like a magnet to one of the new red power rings created by Atrocitus.

From that point on, Kara gets tangled up in the Lantern corps wars, and she has to learn several harsh truths about herself in order to grow as a person.



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