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Trespassers saw our heroes crossing lines to save what was dear to them. Jim and Harvey had to journey to save the children. Bruce had to journey to find a cure for Selina. Even Riddler made a journey to find himself. But will their trespassing hurt them in the long run?

Trespassers in the Dark Zone:

GU91 - Trespassers - Harvey Jim Babs

©2019 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

Jim and Harvey learn that the kid walked from the dark zone of Gotham. Kids are being taken and forced to tunnel. The mainland will not help or resupply the GCPD and tells Jim to stand down. Jim will not have it. He needs supplies. He goes to the Siren club and Barbara is furious. She clears out the club. She says Jim didn’t do anything when Penguin killed Tabitha. Jim says he took him down. She says he just re-cripled him. She gives Jim his pick of vehicles and says Gotham is welcome to take Jim down.

The GCPD caravan makes it into the Dark Zone. They are attacked by crossbow arrows and molotov cocktails. Meanwhile the leader of the Soothsayers, Sykes, is mad at an older kid, Gabriel, because he didn’t tell about the escape. They are trying to tunnel out of Gotham for supplies so they can run the city. Gabriel says they are hungry and exhausted. Sykes offers him his mask and tells him to take the Smoke. It will make him strong and even see the future. Gabriel refuses and is about to be shot when the GCPD show up. Sykes and the men go out and are surrounded. Jim frees the kids and gets them loaded up, but a firefight breaks out. Most of the trucks get away, but Jim, Harvey, Gabriel, and 2 others have to escape on foot.

They seek refuge in an old hotel. Jim goes to check out the upstairs and sends Harvey to the basement. Harvey finds trays of rings, teeth and valuables. Then he sees a body burning in the furnace and a tray of fingers with rings still on them. Mother attacks him and he runs upstairs. Jim finds a boy upstairs. He says a ghost found him after his parents were killed. She was nice at first, but can be mean. She wants to be called Mother. Harvey comes up and the boy sends them into a room. He locks them in to be knocked out by lights and then killed. Mother comes in and a fight ensues. Harvey knocks out a window and Jim questions her. She escapes and they grab the kids and leave.

They are about to leave when the Soothsayers and the other gang (who are painted like skeletons) trap them. They both want Jim’s head for the Penguin’s reward. Jim is down to 2 bullets and uses one to take out the Skeleton leader. Things look bad for the good guys, when a monster truck with a machine gun mows down both gangs. Babs has come to the rescue. Jim uses his last bullet to save her from Sykes. She wants to team up to kill Penguin.

They table it and take the kids to the place Lucius Fox set up. it is a 250 rooms with everything. Once the kids came people from all over the city have come to the Haven. Jim is their savior. Babs leaves saying they are not even and will talk later.

Trespassers in the Park:

GU91 - Trespassers - Ivy Bruce

©2019 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

Bruce is seeking The Witch and he finds the right spot in Robinson Park. The place is overgrown with plants. He enters the building and finds it covered in plant growth. He also sees the plants eating dead bodies. Some men come after him. They have captured The Witch and have sent for others. People came to her for help and she killed them. She speaks to the plants and they do her bidding. But they captured her in a room with no light, no water, and salt on the ground. Bruce says he needs 5 min. with her to find out what happened to his brother. They let him in. Bruce finds Ivy there. She says the park’s plants are alive and talk with her. He says he needs her help to heal a friend. She knows of a seed in the park that can heal, but needs to get out.

Bruce takes her out and is trying to talk with the men, when she kills them all. She is feeding the park dead people and watching what grows. Bruce says the seed is for Selina. Ivy rejects him, because of what Selina did by destroying the Lazarus Water. But Bruce shows he is growing up and wise. He calls her out. She digs up the seed and says it will fuse the nerves and cartilage in Selina, if she is strong enough. But it will permanently change her. Letting the darker angels out.

Bruce hurries back to the hospital. Alfred says Selina has not spoken. Bruce shares that the seed is from Ivy and Alfred cautions him. Selina says she wants to die and if Ivy does it so be it. She takes the seed and then talks about how she took Ivy under her wing. She cared for her and will always see her as that little kid. The seed takes hold and she begins to seize. Later the doctor says her fever shot up and her white blood cell count went off the charts. After 2 hours she stabilized. She still had pain, but was OK. Bruce and Alfred are about to leave, when Bruce notices Ivy gone. She is out of bed and walking. She says she feels better than before. As Bruce hugs her, her eyes go dark green and change to the iris’ of a cat.

Trespassers in a Turf War:

GU91 - Trespassers - Riddler

©2019 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

The Riddler is still not in full control. He locked himself down with chains and locks before bed. He wakes up still chained and is so happy. But as he is taking a leak he hears mumbling in the shower. He looks and says it is a hallucination. But the mumbling continues. Tank, a member of the Street Demonz, is chained up in his tub. Looks like Ed got out after all and tortured Tank for info. Riddler has to do the same to get that same info. Ed was looking for the Demonz secret hide out and if their leader would be there. Riddler and Tank go and find the place quiet. All of the people there are dead, including the gang leader. On the wall is graffiti saying “Penguin was here.” Looks like Ed wants to start a turf war between the two gangs. Riddler is still in the dark and does not know what Ed wants.

Closing Thoughts:

Trespassers was an interesting episode, but slower. It was a set up episode, but Trespassers moved several stories along. The changes to Selina will be explored next week, but are frightening. Ivy is crazy and powerful. Ed seems to be causing a turf war so he can take over, but will Riddler let him? Jim is being set up to be a savior. The mainland wants him to be a symbol of hope to Gotham, but Penguin might make him a martyr. I hope Trespassers was our only slower ep of the season. We will see.


Penguin, Our Hero:
With the creation of Haven as a safe place for refugees, Gordon hopes to stop the gang fighting in Gotham. Meanwhile, Selina is determined to find Jeremiah (guest star Cameron Monaghan) and she convinces Bruce to help her. Then, Penguin goes to Haven to reclaim his staff in the all-new “Penguin, Our Hero” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, Jan. 17 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GTH-503) (TV-14 D, L, V)

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