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That’s Entertainment when the producers of Gotham can kill one Joker to give us the real one, play the 60’s Batman theme and give Bruce the Batmobile 1.0. We had a wild ride but not as wild as Penguin’s blimp ride over the city.

That’s Joker’s Entertainment:

GU85 - That's Entertainment - Jokers

©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

Jerome’s plans have been moving forward this season, but they came to a head this week. He wanted to provide Gotham with some laughter filled entertainment, but not everyone is onboard. He crashes the meeting of the interim mayor and the elite of Gotham and takes them hostage. No amount of bribery can convince him to stop. He takes them all to the Gotham Music Festival and crashes the party. He wires his hostages up with C4 and demands Jim bring Jeremiah and Bruce to the party.

He sends Mister Freeze and Scarecrow to Wayne Labs. There they force the techs to mass produce the Joker Venom (called here Laughing Gas). Harvey and his men arrive too late to stop them, but Harvey passes the info on to Jim. Harvey and his men have to go take out Jerome’s goons. His goons have hidden out and they took out the GCPD snipers that Jim put in place. Harvey and the boys provide cover.

It’s Bruce’s birthday and he has a wild ride.  Alfred gives him a brand new Ford Mustang that is matte black and bullet proof. They go in the house for some birthday cake and are joined by Selina. But their party is interrupted by Jim and Lucias. They show they group the news and Alfred and Selina both object to Bruce going. Lucias explains that he created a RF blocker so that when Bruce gets close to Jerome it will block the signal. Then the GCPD can take control. Bruce agrees and they are off to Jeremiah’s place. Jeremiah is not having it, since he knows he brother will just kill them. But Bruce steps up and convinces him that, the GCPD will protect them, but they need to do it to show Gotham to resist terror. About that time Jim finds out about the gas and they are off to the square.

Jeremiah and Bruce head towards the stage and Jim calls for the snipers only to find out Jerome has taken them out. With Bruce and his brother on stage, Jerome holds court. He talks about how Jeremiah was always the favorite. Jeremiah got all they perks of being adopted and he had to clean up after elephants in the circus. He says that Jeremiah is as crazy as he is and wants to set him free. He frees Jeremiah and hands him a knife. Jeremiah attacks him, but is beat up. Bruce frees himself and the others on stage after a fight with Firefly. Jerome presses the triggers to blow people up but the signal jammer is working. Jim wounds Jerome and he heads to the roof.

Jerome is on the roof starting to talk with the blimp. Jim shoots the phone out of his hand and confronts Jerome. Jerome goes over the edge  and is hanging on to a pipe. Jim reaches out to rescue him, but Jerome refuses. He says he is an idea and he will live on in the shadows of Gotham’s discontent. He then falls to his death, laughing all the way down. Later Jim, Harvey, Bruce and Jeremiah see the body. Bruce offers to help fund Jeremiah’s efficient energy production.

Back at Jeremiah’s, he is calming down from the day and sees a gift on his desk. He is leery until he sees it is from Wayne Tech. He opens it and it is a Joker In The Box. It pops up and sprays him with purple gas. Then a recording of Jerome plays. The gas is a special mixture to free Jeremiah. He is laughing, his face goes pale and a Joker smile appears on his face. Gotham has now truly found its’ Joker

Entertainment UP In the Air:

GU85 - That's Entertainment - Penguin

©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

Penguin has seen enough of Jerome’s plan to know things are wrong. He questions it a bit and then decides to call in Jim. He meets in the back of the GCPD with Jim to fill him in on what he knows. He can’t give Jim details or locations, but knows he must be stopped. Penguin is an honest criminal and Jerome is not interested in money or power. He then leaves.

Penguin joins Mister Freeze, the Hatter, and Scarecrow at the Gotham Airfield. The Scarecrow kills one of the pilots. Hatter then puts the whammy on the other. Penguin realizes that Jerome is gathering people at the concert and the gas will be dumped on them. He objects. Scarecrow is disappointed that Penguin won’t join in, but Jerome has planned for this. They knock him out and put him on board the blimp. He awakes to find the pilot guiding the ship to the square. There he will release the gas. Oswald frees himself and starts to object, but the pilot has a huge gun. He calls Jim and Jim says he has to take over the blimp. If he doesn’t he will have to try and rule over crazy people. Oswald waits until the pilot has both hands occupied and takes him out. Later, He calls Jim back to remind him he is still up there. Jim says they will get a pilot to talk him down. Jim thanks him for his service to Gotham and hangs up. Oswald is left piloting the blimp and fuming.

Entertainment For The League Leader:

GU85 - That's Entertainment - Babs Tabbs

©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

Barbara is thinking small and using the Ladies of the League of Shadows as her personal bodyguards. But they call her out saying she is destined for something more. They take her to a home Ra’s has had in Gotham since it was founded. They show her a door that is locked and no one has a key. Then Babara’s hand begins to glow and so does the door. She opens it and finds a room filled with treasures, artwork and books. They document Ra’s rule and influence over the centuries he has been alive. Barbara trembles and cries as see she a 400 year old painting. The couple in the paining are the spitting image of Ra’s and Barbara. She has found her destiny. She digs into the books and sees her potential.

Tabitha has objected to it all. She has no place in this world and feels adrift. She tries to snap Babs out of it, but it is no good. Babs has the Ladies take Tabitha outside.  They tell Tabbs to shove off and she challenges them to a fight. They have been trained in 90 forms of combat since age 5 and are more that a match for one person. After they leave, a group of men from the League show up. They have been watching Tabitha and Barbara. They say Babs is an imposter and that Ra’s is beyond death. They knock her out and leave.

Closing Thoughts:

That’s Entertainment provided us with a great ride and some major twists and turns. I’m so excited about what they are doing this season on Gotham. The idea of how Jeremiah can bring both the craziness of Jerome, but also the planning and intelligence of Jeremiah to the Joker is frightening! I love the progression of Bruce into the man that he needs to be. He has to grow to become the Batman and the Bruce we know from the comics and he made major steps this week. Plus the Barbara and League storyline is so intriguing. I don’t know what will happen next. You can really tell this episode was written by show runner Danny Cannon. The dialogue really popped and the characters clicked. With four episodes left, we have a wild ride in store!

Cougar’s Comic Corner:

GU85 - That's Entertainment - No Man's Land

No Man’s Land is collected in a four volume set.

(from Wikipedia) “Batman: No Man’s Land” is an American comic book crossover storyline that ran for almost all of 1999 through the Batman comic book titles published by DC Comics. The story architecture for “No Man’s Land” and the outline of all the Batman continuity titles for 1999 were written by cartoonist Jordan B. Gorfinkel.

The lead-up story began with the “Cataclysm” story arc, which described a major earthquake hitting Gotham City. This was followed by the storylines “Aftershocks” and then “Road to No Man’s Land” which resulted in the U.S. government officially evacuating Gotham and then abandoning and isolating those who chose to remain in the city. “No Man’s Land” covered, in detail, a period in the lives of the residents of the city, explaining all events from the time of isolation, until its time of re-opening and the beginning of rebuilding.

The main storyline ran through the monthly Batman titles Detective Comics, Batman, Batman: Shadow of the Bat, and Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight with other spin-offs serving as tie-ins. In all, “No Man’s Land” encompassed 80 regular monthly issues, 4 specials, and the Batman: Harley Quinn graphic novel, which introduced Harley Quinn to the DC Universe.

The storyline is divided into several arcs. A part of the story would continue from one Batman title and then to the next Batman title that would come the following week, much the same format used in the Superman comics for that time. Unlike the Superman comics, where a creative team is maintained for one monthly title, the same creative team is maintained for the duration of the story arc.

The core storyline was originally collected as trade paperbacks in five volumes. However, because of the large number of issues that were devoted to “No Man’s Land”, only 40 of them made it into the original collections. DC has since released a new collection of “No Man’s Land” that includes issues previously uncollected.

Get the graphic novel set here:  , , Road to 


A Dark Knight:  To Our Deaths And Beyond:
Gordon and Bullock try to figure out who the clever thief is behind the robberies of various bank branches in Gotham. Meanwhile, Barbara is put in danger, forcing Tabitha to recruit help in the all-new “A Dark Knight: To Our Deaths and Beyond” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, April 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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