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Things That Go Boom was an episode full of explosions, negotiations, and deal making. The Doc a.k.a. Lee was winning the Narrows turf back. Sofia was negotiating with everyone. Jim and Pyg had a interrogation session. And so much more!

Boom, Lee is Lord of The Narrows:

GU77 - Things That Go Boom - Lee Ed

Lee, now known as Doc to her people, has taken over Cherry’s territory. She holds court to help the people settle disputes without violence. But trouble is knocking at her door. It seems that Sampson want’s Doc’s territory. Ed advises sending Solomon, but Lee wants a better solution.  She and Ed head to Solomon’s territory for a council. She asks him to honor his deal with Cherry, plus she will throw in 30% of the fight night profits and treat his people for their medical needs.  He agrees.

She gets back to the clinic to find that it has been trashed and medicine has been taken. Ed pushes for revenge using Grundy, but Lee says no.  She has a better idea.  They head back for another meeting with Sampson. She tells him, they will move our of the Narrows by the evening or else. Or else he will die of the poison she slipped him. He agrees and she tosses him the antidote.  Back at the club, Ed is glum. He doesn’t like being called a has-been and being a side kick. Lee says that she tested him and there is nothing physically wrong with his brain. It is physiological. She says she hasn’t been looking for a cure because she does not like the Riddler, she likes Ed. Ed seems content with who he is now. As he is getting cleaned up, he gets an unpleasant visitor in the mirror. The Riddler is back, saying did you miss me?

Pyg Goes Boom in Arkham:

GU77 - Things That Go Boom - Pyg

Pyg is in Arkham and he changes the music to suit his more refined tastes. This does not go over well with one of the inmates. He challenges Pyg and punches his jaw out of alignment. This is no issue Pyg pushes it back into place. Pyg pushes him over the edge then violently ends him with two quick moves with a broken record.

Lucius Fox fills Jim in and shows him the x-rays of Pyg. It seems that Pyg has had major facial reconstruction and plastic surgeries to alter his appearance. This has both of them questioning things. Pyg likes the publicity why would he want to hid from his past crimes? Jim comes over to Arkham to talk with him. Pyg is trying to push Jim’s buttons but it is not working. Jim pushes right back. He says that Pyg is yesterday’s news and he does not have the staying power of Jerome, Fish, or Penguin. Jim starts to leave and Pyg snaps and his voice falls into a southern drawl.

Jim gets back to the GCPD and Fox has done a reconstruction of Pyg’s face before the surgeries. They have a sketch and it is sent out first to police offices in the South. It comes back quickly.  Seems that Pyg’s name is Lazlo Valentine and he was arrested for a string of murders in the South. They don’t match his current M.O. and he didn’t use the Pyg persona. But he never went to trial because he escaped.  Jim rushes over to Arkham to find a dead guard in Pyg’s cell. Lazlo has written Jim a goodbye note, signing it Lazlo, and is gone.

Sofia’s Negotiations Go Boom:

GU77 - Things That Go Boom - Zsasz

Sofia comes home to Penguin waiting for her.  He says he knows she was playing him and wants answers. He brings in The Dentist, who is a sadistic torturer, to get the answers.  But Sofia has planned for this.  She knows who the Dentist’s family is and where they are. If he kills her they will die. She says that she has been planning this for months and the Dentist kills the guard and lets Sofia go. But Sofia is scooped up the the Sirens.

Sofia awakes at the Sirens Gun Shop and is not happy. She tells them that she has been playing Penguin for months and everything that has happened is per her plan.  Babs calls Penguin and tells him they have Sofia. The demands are the shop stays open, no cut to Penguin and he leaves them alone.  He agrees and will send Zsasz to collect Sofia.

Penguin has learned that Martin lied to him and that Sofia has been playing him. He is highly disappointed in Martin.  He sends Zsasz to the Sirens and says he will deal with Martin later. Zsasz heads over but not to collect Sofia. He takes a rocket launcher to the place. The ladies manage to escape. Sofia goes begging to Jim to start the war, but he refuses. He goes to Penguin and strikes a deal. Let him send Sofia back to daddy and the police and criminals go back to their normal ways.  Penguin agrees.

Sofia is put on the train with Detective Harper. But Harper gets knocked out by Zsasz. Sofia and the Sirens have kidnapped Martin and Penguin wants him back. The two groups meet under the bridge for an exchange. Penguin agrees to relinquish control of Gotham to Sofia in return for Martin. Martin gets in Penguins limo. Penguin blows up the car to prove he will not be manipulated. The ladies are in shock as Zsasz and the crew attack. We later find that Penguin planned it and Martin escaped. He sends Martin to safety out of Gotham never to return with Zsasz as escort. Zsasz protests that Sofia needs to be dealt with. Penguin has plans for her.

Closing Thoughts:

Twists and turns were the name of the game with all the wheeling and dealing in Gotham this week. It is no surprise that things went boom for so many people. I loved the reveal of how much planning and work had gone into Sofia’s quiet manipulation of Penguin over the last few months. This woman is a true Falcone and worthy of her father’s dynasty. Professor Pyg has been great this season too. It seemed in this episode that Jim and Lucious had the drop on him, but he still seems to be steps ahead of them. Did he plan the reveal of his true name or did he just work with it?  I don’t know but I cannot wait to see more of him down the road. I don’t know if that will be this season or not, but I love that they left the door open for him to return.


A Dark Knight:  Queen Takes Knight:  Things get complicated for Gordon, Sophia and Penguin when Carmine Falcone (guest star John Doman) comes to town. Alfred tries to get through to Bruce once and for all, while Nygma struggles to gain control over The Riddler persona and Tabitha attempts to make Grundy remember his past. Meanwhile, a familiar smile resurfaces in Gotham in the all-new “A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Knight” fall finale episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, Dec. 7 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GTH-411) (TV-14 L, V)

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