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Let Them Eat Pie was all about Professor Pyg forcing Gotham’s elite to actually eat the poor they have been oppressing. While Jim is striving to stop Pyg, Penguin is getting Martin to spy on Sofia. Bruce has gone around the bend and wants no help from Alfred.

Let Them Eat Pie:

GU76 - Let Them Eat Pie - Pyg

Pyg is a busy man this week. We see him as a religious leader drawing in the homeless with doughnuts and the promise of free food. He gathers six and feeds them, but it is poison. Then he begins his work. He harvests the organs from each. He then sets up a display outside the GCPD Central. He calls Jim to thank him for the idea of fighting the corruption from the top. The display is two of the homeless dressed like French aristocrats. A note saying “Long live the revolution” and pigs are starting to eat them.   Jim and Det. Harper (Kelcy Griffin) are on the hunt for Pyg. Fox says fills Jim in on the organs being missing and that the bodies have paper processing residue on them. Jim and Harper head over the the abandoned paper mill. There they find the part of the results of Pyg’s work. But they interrupt Pyg.  He stabs Harper and takes her hostage.

Pyg and his crew are at Sofia’s gala. He is the chef and promises his Gotham meat pies are to die for.  Penguin and Martin come and Sofia is happy to have them. But Pyg corrals the guests and forces Penguin and Sofia to dinner. Pyg and Martin bring the entertainment. Pyg sings his “Meat Pie Tango” (to the music of “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago). But Penguin interrupts. He will not abide this. He and the other guests will not eat the homeless. But Pyg forces Penguin & Sofia. He takes Martin hostage. Unless they eat the people pies, Martin dies. Some of the others refuse but Penguin solves that quickly by killing the objecting man and eating the pie. He promises if they don’t eat they will all die. They all begin to eat.

Jim has figured out Pyg’s plan but gets knocked out by Pyg and his henchman. He awakes to find himself beside Harper. He uses Harper’s knife to open the door an escape. He crashes the party. The people gladly leave and leave Jim to battle Pyg. Pyg goes after Jim with cleavers and Jim is almost done in until he pulls the knife from the dead man’s head and takes out Pyg. Pyg is put in a police car and Jim brief’s the press who all thank him.

Sofia Has Her Hand In Penguin’s Pie:

GU76 - Let Them Eat Pie - Penguin Sofia

Sofia is prepping for her dinner fundraiser for the orphanage. She is working on the final details when Penguin and Mr. Penn come in. She invites Penguin but he says he is busy trying to locate the Mayor, who has disapeared.  He wants to know who bought off the Mayor to put Jim in charge. Sofia protests, but leaves him to it. She reminds Penguin that Martin and the students are going to perform at the fundraiser. This sparks Penguin imigination. He has Penn get Martin.  Penguin gets Martin a new suit and charges him with a mission. Find out if Sofia is a true friend or is she trying to use him and Martin.

Sofia calls Jim to warn him and Jim says thanks, but don’t call me any more. After the aftermath of the party, Penguin says he knows Sofia got Jim appointed. He should kill her, but because of what she is doing for Martin, he will forgive her this time. Later, Jim approaches Sofia and apologizes for acting the way he did. He asked for help and she gave it. He knew what he was in for working with the Falcones. They make up and kiss. Martin sees this and reports it to Penguin. Penguin now wants to punish Sofia.

Bruce Won’t Eat His Humble Pie:

GU76 - Let Them Eat Pie - Bruce

Bruce is hungover and just wants some food and coffee, but Alfred won’t have it. He has seen it all before in guys coming home from war. They had a mission and calling but when they got off the field they were aimless and caused trouble. He doesn’t want that to happen to Bruce. This is the day Thomas and Bruce would go camping and put rocks on the top of a mountain. Alfred thinks this tradition will help connect Bruce to who he is. They head to camp and Alfred wants to break through to Bruce.  He tells him the story of how he, after getting out of the service, he was lost and in need of help. He was  in a self-destructive pattern. Thomas rescued him.  Bruce listens, but then steals the car and leaves Alfred. Alfred finally makes it home to Wayne Manor where Bruce is having a major party. Alfred kicks everyone out. He tries one more time to break through to Bruce, but Bruce is not having it. He says Alfred is not has dad, but his butler and to clean things up.

Closing Thoughts:

Well Pyg out did himself this episode and so did Michael Cerveris who played 3 people in the episode. He had a musical number. He threw knives. He played chef and so much more. Cerveris chewed the scenery in such a good way. Props to Christopher Convery who plays Martin. He has to act on screen with big actors and do it all without saying a word. It was also nice to have a little more Harper this week and get to know her a bit better. I think this was a great ep to hold us over until after Thanksgiving. It looks like we get a bit more Pyg in the next episode and I’m happy for that.


A Dark Knight:  Things That Go Boom:  Gordon tries to broker a deal with Penguin that involves Sofia. Meanwhile, Alfred tries to pull Bruce out of his teenage-angst and downward spiral, as Lee Thompkins gains more control over the Narrows in the all-new “A Dark Knight: Things That Go Boom” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, Nov. 30 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GTH-410)

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