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A Day In the Narrows saw Jim and Harvey’s relationship strained to the breaking point. It was a day of learning and coming together for the Sirens. Bruce skipped his fundraiser and had a day and night in the club with some new friends. Pyg had a day playing dress up.

A Day In The Narrows:

GU74 - A Day In The Narrows - Pyg

Jim had to make hard choices and that made it a hard day with relationships with Harvey, the GCPD and Penguin. Harvey is back at work and Jim wants to dig into his dealings with Penguin. They are sidetracked by a delivery of 44 pig heads one for each of the cops in the station, except for Jim. They get a report that Pyg has taken three cops hostage in The Narrows. Penguin demands his forces lead by Headhunter (Kyle Vincent Terry) help.

They canvas the area and finally find out Pyg headed to Hoover Island. They find one of the cops dead and the other bloodied but hanging on. He says Pyg tortured them and took the third cop. Jim rides with the cop in the ambulance and tells him he has made mistakes too, but they can change. The cop points Jim to an abandoned court house in the Narrows. Jim heads over.

Penguin is reveling in how well he thinks his plan is going with the GCPD. He wants to know Sofia’s thoughts. She has brought some of the orphans over and is working with them. She tells them to cover there ears and then tells it like it is. She said her father would never have done it this way and that Penguin needs to back off. He says he is going to do the exact opposite and personally get involved (just what she really wanted).

There Jim is met at the court house by Headhunter, Penguin and his men and the GCPD. They are assembling and planning when Jim gets a call from Pyg. Pyg says his name come from Pygmalion, because he wants to reform Gotham and Jim. He can’t do that what Jim dead, which is what he will be if he goes in the building. Jim realizes that Pyg was playing the part of the third cop. Jim knows it’s a trap and tries to get Harvey to stop the entry. But they have spotters who have seen Pyg inside and Penguin is forcing the issue. The force, minus Jim, enter and Harvey shoots Pyg. But it is a Trap. Pyg has dressed up the third cop as himself (very Dark Knight Joker-esk) and set up a trap.  The people are trapped between two guns and have an injured cop. Penguin’s remaining men will not enter, so Jim goes in alone and saves everyone.

Jim has earned by the GCPD’s respect and Penguin’s image is tarnished. The cops thank Jim and stop honoring Penguin’s liscense program. Harvey, who has spent the whole day arguing with Jim is exhausted. Even more, he was wrong and he shot one of his own. He is broken and openly drinking on the job.

Pyg calls Jim again.  As he speaks, he peals off the mask he was wearing. He says Jim’s top to bottom speech has inspired him. Who knows what Pyg has planned next!

A Day Of Coming Together:

GU74 - A Day In The Narrows - Sirens

Selina is bound and determined to keep the Sirens together, but to do it she had a day of failing and learning. Barbara tells Tabitha and Selina with Ra’s gone, her roll is over and so is the money.  She is closing up shop and tells them to take what they like. But Selina wants them to stay together. They have a purpose and power together. She knows that a biker gang, the Demons, have scored some cash and they can steal it and stay in business.  She goes on her own and gets the money, but is trapped there. So she calls for backup from Tabitha. Tabitha tries to recruit Babs, but to avail. She fights her way in, but is now trapped with Selina. Then Babs shows up and takes out some of the bikers. Tabitha and Selina take out the rest.  They decide to work together and now truly are the Sirens.

A Day and A Night In The Club:

GU74 - A Day In The Narrows - Bruce Grace

Bruce does not know what to do with himself. His rage is bubbling to the surface. After a day of hosting a charity event, he needed a release. The real truth is he does not feel sorry for killing Ra’s. Alfred says the anger is just a mask for something deeper. Bruce is sulking in the kitchen when Grace Blomdhal (Samina Finnerty), a friend from school, says the gala is boring and they need to have a little fun. She takes him to meet some friends. Tommy (who Bruce beat up in season 1) is there. But Tommy admitted he deserved the beat down. Another teen, Brant, pushes Bruce’s buttons and we see Bruce dream about beating Brant up. Grace suggests Brant take them to the club. They make their way to a club but cannot get in, even with Brant’s name. So Bruce buys the club. Bruce quickly gets drunk and makes out with Grace. Even in the midst of the parting, booze and make-out sessions with Grace, Bruce can’t truly escape his issues.

Closing Thoughts:

While this episode had a lot of action, most of the driving force was character development. A Day In The Narrows was sort of a set up episode, in that it helped us move many plot points along. But I really enjoyed the acting. Both Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue really stepped up the tension and emotions in this episode.  I really admired it.  Michael Cerveris again knocked it out of the park acting through a mask and as a different character. I’m loving his run here and hope we can keep him!


A Dark Knight:  Stop Hitting Yourself:
Grundy and Nygma become main attractions at Cherry’s Place in The Narrows. Penguin wants revenge when he hears Nygma is mocking him on stage and enlists The Sirens for help. Meanwhile, Gordon is offered the position of GCPD Captain, putting him at odds with Bullock in the all-new “A Dark Knight: Stop Hitting Yourself” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, Nov. 9 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GTH-408) (TV-14 L, V) ·

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