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Heavydirtysoul talks about the regrets and failings of our characters. Each one had to deal with their failings and face the impact they had on others. Gotham finished season strong and gave the true start of the Dark Knight!

Heavydirtysoul – Bruce:

GU67 - Heavydirtysoul - Bruce Alfred

Bruce has broken through The Shaman’s conditioning when he stabbed Alfred. Ra’s (Alexander Siddig)is not upset, but happy. Only someone with that strength could be his heir and his Dark Knight. Ask quickly as Ra’s came he leaves promising that he and Bruce’s business is not done. But he gives Alfred back to Bruce by telling him to use the Lazarus Pit water. Bruce does and then gets Alfred to the hospital.

Selina comes to try and be there for Bruce, but Bruce is too caught up in his own heaviness to see her true intentions. He says she doesn’t care about him or Alfred. This is not true and she remakes that he doesn’t know her.  She then heads off to the Sirens Club looking to move up in the world and finds a welcoming ear in Tabbs and a new tool a whip.

Bruce is by Alfred’s side as he wakes up and they talk about finding destiny and calling out of love. At the end of the episode we see a mirror to the beginning of the series.  A couple and their daughter being mugged.  Out of the shadows a figure emerges and knocks out the mugger. The figure then heads to the rooftop unmasks and looks over his city. Bruce may not be Batman yet but is becoming the Dark Knight.

Heavydirtysoul – Jim:

GU67 - Heavydirtysoul - Lee Jim

Jim is forced to make hard choices. Hugo needs the Mad Hatter to help make the antidote, but Ed & crew have kidnapped him.  They are blackmailing the city to get what they want. Jim sees a way around it and calls Ed directly.  The Riddler only wants Penguin and Jim is willing to do a trade. Harvey reluctantly goes alone with it. The prisoner exchange is about to happy when Babs, Tabbs, & Butch show up. Shots are fired and a hasty exchange happens.  Babs goes after Jim, Harvey & Jervis.  They are trapped in a warehouse and all the while the Hatter is urging Jim to give in to the virus. Jim does and takes a mason jar of the Hatter’s blood, leaving him wounded but OK.

All this time Lee has been egging Jim on to give into the darkness.  She gives him an ultimatum, meet her for the afternoon train or else.  He agrees. The lab techs at the GCPD have started working on the cure, but only have one quick dose ready.  Jim is enraged because he needs two one for him and one for Lee. He takes the one does to Lee’s place and tries to inject her, but she and the virus within him are too strong. They make their way to the station and break through to the trains.  Lee gets on and Jim has to deal with Harvey.  They fight but Harvey is loosing.  Harvey reminds Jim of who he is and to try and save Lee. He hands Jim his badge. Jim gets on board and talks with Lee.  He realizes that Harvey has attached two doses of the cure to the badge.  Jim doses Lee while kissing her and then himself.

Later, he heads back to Lee’s and she is gone again.  She left a not explaining that she realizes what Gotham is now and what it requires.  She wants Jim to fight for Gotham and maybe one day it will send him back to Her.

Heavydirtysoul – Riddler & Penguin:

GU67 - Heavydirtysoul - Freaks

Now that Penguin knocks out Ed and steals the GCPD cruiser.  Penguin and Riddler have a conversation through bars of the car. Ed is taunting Oswald about being ruled by his emotions. All the while picking his handcuffs with a pin, that we find out later is Oswald’s. Ed calls Oswald out and then when the door is open knocks him down and takes the gun.  They have traded places again.  Oswald says Ed is not the Riddler because he is still alive.  So Ed takes Oswald back to the docks where he shot him before.  Ed is hell bend on repeating the process but Oswald has no final words to speak.

Ivy & Mister Freeze show up and Penguin lays out his plan.  He planned for all of this.  He knew Ed would have to follow things down to the nth degree.  Oswald planted the pin, emptied his gun of bullets and called his crew out planning Ed.  The Riddler has but out done and Mister Freeze puts him on ice.  Without Fish and spurred on by his success, Penguin is on top.  He is working on plans for his Iceberg club with frozen Ed as the centerpiece.  He has his army of freaks and is ready to rule.

Heavydirtysoul – Tabbs & Babs:

GU67 - Heavydirtysoul - Tabbs Babs

After weeks of scheming, Butch and Tabbs decide to take Babs out of the picture. Tabitha has been pushed around way too much and has been forced out of partnership with Barbara and into serving her.  Tabitha agrees that she and Butch will both take down Barbara.  But Butch is not going to let Tabbs back down.  He meets Babs first prepared to kill her.  But she is smarter than that and quick on the draw.  She shoots him in the head.

At the safe house Tabbs waits for them.  Babs comes in and wants to know if it was all on Butch like he said, but Tabbs wants to know if he is dead. She admits it and a regular cat fight ensues.  Babs gets her gun and Tabbs her whip.  But the whip is on a light stand and she electrocutes Babs. Now she says they can move forward.

Tabbs is at the club and agrees to help Selina move up in he world.  The question is will she treat Selina as an equal or how she was treated by Babs.  Also is Babs really gone or is she Gotham’s version of Harley Quinn?

Closing Thoughts:

While the last episode would have been hard to stand on its’ own this one clearly did. I loved it. I know when this was filmed Gotham’s future was unsure, so I get how this could have acted as a series finale, but I’m SO glad it is not.  I’m also excited about how the writers will take these characters and move them forward next season.  We saw them grow so much this season and it really feels like the second half of the season really picked up speed and I enjoyed it.  Karen and I look forward to talking with you next season!

Adam West Tribute:

In this episode we shared your thoughts about Adam West as Batman and as a man.  We were so sad to hear of his passing but glad we could include our thoughts and yours in this podcast. We will miss him!


Emergency Awesome’s thoughts on the season and what is next for season 4:

Next season Gotham will be on Thursday nights at 8pm.  Feedback deadline will be Friday at 6pm eastern and we will get the show out to you by Sunday or early Monday.

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