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Destiny was calling for many in this episode, but for Bruce it was different.  He had to make hard choices. Jim’s destiny was in question thanks the the Tetch virus. Could our heroes rise and conquer their destiny?

Bruce’s Destiny Calling:

GU66 - Destiny Calling - Alfred Bruce

Bruce is at the GCPD and Alfred is trying his best to break through to him.  Alfred tries to remind Bruce of his parents’ love and Alfred’s own love. But it is not working.  While Alfred is distracted, Bruce picks his cuffs and escapes.  Alfred and Lucious track him to the Yuyan building.  Bruce finds the Demon’s Head Ra’s al Ghoul (Alexander Siddig). Ra’s has a Lazarus Pit there.  Ra’s is looking for a true heir and he thinks Bruce is the one.  Bruce failed the Shaman’s task and says Alfred distracted him.  Ra’s is giving Bruce another chance to fulfill his destiny.  Kill his past and embrace the future.  He has to kill Alfred. Alfred says he loves him and that Bruce was his destiny. Bruce’s destiny is to be Bruce Wayne. If he needs to kill him to do it.  Alfred is stabbed through and through by Bruce.

Monster Destiny:

GU66 - Destiny Calling - Freeze Fish Hugo

Fish has got Penguin & his freaks working for her. Now she captures Hugo. She uses her stable of monsters to fulfill her destiny.  Fish has partnered with Penguin and he uses Hugo’s own “therapy” machine to get answers out of Hugo.  While Mister Freeze & Firefly stand an angry guard over their maker. Fish wants to rule Gotham and leveraging the antidote the the Tetch virus is her way to the top.  Mister Freeze & Firefly take Hugo to the secret location of his trials.

They are on the way out with the antidote when Ra’s al Ghul’s League assassins attack.  Even with Freeze and Firefly they are loosing.  Harvey and Jim make it to the party just in time. Jim kills the assassins and then uses a sword to kill Fish.  She drops the antidote and makes a cure much harder to come by.  Now Penguin is on his own to lead the freaks.

Meanwhile Butch is pushing Tabbs to get rid of Babs. But between Lee attacking Butch and the Fish they have trouble making it happen in time.

Lover’s Destiny:

GU66 - Destiny Calling - Jim Harvey

Jim is fighting the virus but it is taking a toll on him.  Lee is all the time urging Jim to give into the dark side. She wants him to listen to the voices, telling him to become a murderer.  Harvey is trying his best to help is buddy fight the virus. At every turn Jim is forced to use his new strength to help save the day and get out of difficult spots. Each time it pushes him closer and closer to loosing himself. We were left wondering if his love for Lee would lead him to a dark destiny. With Ed and his crew having Tetch, Jim will have to do some hard work to get an antidote.

Closing Thoughts:

I enjoyed the episode but I’m really glad we got the two back to back. This episode brought back most of our guest stars and villians this season (minus Jerome :( ) but adding Ra’s was a fun addition.  I had to knock it down a bit because the whole Ra’s & Bruce conversation seems like it came out of Return of The Jedi.


Emergency Awesome’s thoughts on the finale:

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