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All will be judged and some more quickly than others.  Barnes the Executioner is on the loose in Gotham with one purpose, to make sure Jim is judged.  The Shaman says Gotham can only be judged by an emotionless Talon er I mean Bruce. Finally Ed and Oswald have peace talks and escape from the Court.

All Will Be Judged:

GU64 - All Will Be Judged - Kathryn Alfred

Jim has found a building owned by Kathry that has a secret room.  He and Harvey head over to investigate and they find a crystal owl.  Their flashlights show a map of the city with locations marked.  But Barnes a.k.a. the Executioner is there and he knocks out Harvey and Jim

The GCPD is helping Harvey recover and Jim is gone.  A witness saw Barnes drive off in a meat truck.  Jim awakes in an abandoned courtroom.  Kathryn is disappointed and wants to know who he has told about he Court other than Harvey. She also says she will question Hugo.  She leaves and it is time for Jim to be judged.  His judge, jury and Executioner is Barnes.  Jim is found guilt, but he asks for his badge before being executed with Barnes’ axe hand.  He pulls a grenade in and distracts Barnes.  Harvey and the GCPD break in but Barnes gets away.

Back at the GCPD Harvey laments that they can’t find a big guy with an axe on his hand.  The Strike Force has good news, they have captured Kathryn and are bring her in.  Jim is questioning her when Alfred comes back with the pieces of the crystal owl.  Harvey is trying to get it fixed and lets slip the info about Kathryn.  Alfred breaks in and it’s not good cop/bad cop.  It is butler on a mission.  He stabs Kathryn to try to get Bruce’s location.  But she won’t give it up.  The Executioner trashes the GCPD.  Kathryn calls for him to help her escape but he only wants justice.  He kills her and goes after Harvey & Jim.  But Jim finds a shotgun and blasts off his axe hand.  But he later escapes police custody. The police clay artist has reconstructed the crystal owl and they now have their map.

In the aftermath, Lee came in to get some things.  Jim confronts her but she is still mad at him.  He has, in her mind, never had to pay for his mistakes.  Turns out she has talked with Jervis, our Mad Hatter, and he explained things.  He gave Mario the virus so that Jim would be forced to kill Mario.  This would turn Lee against Jim.  Jervis says Jim doesn’t deserve love and the whole plan was to deprive Jim of love.  But he questions her about her reasoning.  She believes she has to pay for her failings.  So she went to the GCPD and stole the virus.  She then injects herself and goes all angry and the virus has hold.  Jim and Bullock find out that Lee has the virus.

Gotham Judged by a Talon:

GU64 - All Will Be Judged - Bruce Shaman

Selina makes it to Wayne manor and confronts Five, but he cannot feel pain and knocks her out when Alfred approaches. Seeing the Five has been stabbed he knows it is not Bruce.  They fight but Alfred gets knocked out too.  After Alfred and Selina talk it out, Alfred gets the full story.  He heads to the GCPD to report the Owls and Bruce being replaced by a clone.

Menwhile, The Shaman and Bruce are back in Gotham at a safe house.  The Shaman needs Bruce to put away the last of his emotions, symbolized by his mother’s pearls.  First time around he cannot do it. The Shaman explained that the Court was just a tool to maintain order. He shows Bruce one of his memories.  He killed an Owl for killing Bruce’s parents.  He says he needs Bruce to punish the Owls. Bruce puts away the pearls and emotions.  The Shaman explains that for over 200 years the Court has culled orphans and transformed them into Talons for their use. He commands one to cut off a pinky which he does.  The Shaman says this process of putting away emotions lets him shape the mind like clay.  He now has control over Bruce and will use him for his own purposes. Will Gotham be judged by Talon Bruce?

A Truce Judged Wise:

GU64 - All Will Be Judged - Ed Oswald

Ed and Oswald are locked up in bird cages side by side.  Oswald wants nothing more than to kill, don’t call him Ed, Riddler. They have been left lightly guarded, due to the coming judgement of Gotham.  Riddler hits Ed with a knock out dart and picks the lock. But before he can escape, Oswald makes noise and alerts the guards.  When Oswald wakes up, the two compare notes.  They judge that a temporary truce wise and make some rules.  They attract the guards and then take them out.  Once free they separate.  Riddler has Barbara & the mobs and Penguin has his army of freaks.  The truce is off and judgement is coming to both sides.

Closing Thoughts:

I thought this was more of a filler episode.  I saw where it moved some stories along, but overall I was frustrated with the Lee story line (and so was John as you will hear in the podcast).  I was also frustrated in the Barnes storyline, but out of all the eps this season you can’t have all winners.  So hopefully next week will be better!


Heroes Rise: Pretty Hate Machine:  Gordon races against the clock to save the city from the Alice Tetch virus, when Lee Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) intercepts with a plan of her own. Also, Alfred sees a big change in Bruce Wayne after his work with The Shaman (guest star Raymond J. Barry). Meanwhile, some of Gotham’s most deranged villains band together in the all-new “Heroes Rise: Pretty Hate Machine” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, May 29 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GTH-320) (TV-14 L, V)

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