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The Primal Riddle is who are the Court of Owls. The Riddler, Babs, and even Jim want to know. Each are searching for all the answer in different ways, but will they find out before the Court wipes out Gotham.

The Primal Riddle:

GU62 - The Primal Riddle - Ed Jim

Ed is the showboat Riddler we know from the comics. He demands and audience and wants everyone to know who he is.  It is not about the money or the objects he steals.  It is about the riddle and the thrill of the crime.  While at Indian Hill he hears rumors about a group in charge but could never figure it out.  For him it is the primal riddle.  So when Babs comes to him with news of the Court he is all in.  He goes to the upper crust and steals the show by killing Hamlet.  But he finds no answers to the riddle there.  Babs wants answers too and that leads him to think about Mayor James.  Ed is full Riddler and plans a detailed crime.  He poisons Mayor James and gets him to the hospital. He has a bomb explode at a biker bar and when they come in the hospital it provides a distraction.  With Jim and Harvey distracted, he gets away with Mayor James. But questioning and torture don’t yield the answers to the riddle.

Jim has been getting in the good graces of the Court.  They call in their favor when The Riddle threatens to expose them to the public.  They need their involvement to be quiet until the weapon is released.  So Jim draws Ed out and convinces him he can connect The Riddler with the Owls.  Ed goes with the Court to get his answers.  Kathryn says they will use his talents.  She says the destruction will take men like Jim to help but only the Court alone can save the city.  He is now a member of the Court.  Ed is now an unwitting captive of them.

The Riddle of Five:

GU62 - The Primal Riddle - Selina 5

5 has been slipping and his health is failing. He is questioned by Alfred, when Alfred wins a game of chess.  He explains it away as distractions over Selina.  But his nose bleed signals something more.  He goes to Kathryn and the Owls’ doctor for help.  He is going to die but not before Bruce returns.  5 wants to save someone from the coming destruction.  Kathryn thinks it is Alfred but no it is Selina.

He goes to her and ends up telling her the whole story.  But she calls him names and says he is not Bruce because Bruce would want to save the whole city.  With his love spurned and Selina threatening to out him to Alfred, it is no riddle what comes next.  He pushes her out the window and we get a “Batman Begins” scene of the rise of Cat Woman.

The Riddle of the Army of Freaks:

GU62 - The Primal Riddle - Firefly Ivy Penguin

Penguin is with Ivy recruiting an army of freaks. They arrive at Mister Freeze’s arctic lab.  He has been trying to solve the riddle of his nature and cure himself.  Mad at Penguin, he threatens to kill him.  Oswald promises to get him the resources needed to find a cure if Mister Freeze joins his side.  With his suit and that promise they return to Gotham.

Firefly is working in a foundry. She doesn’t need protection from the heat.  But she wants a way out.  Ivy convinces her to join Penguins army of freaks.  Ivy tells her own story to help the process.  Penguin even offers to kill Bridgett’s boss to sweeten the deal.  No need, she throws molten metal her boss’ face and quits.

GU62 - The Primal Riddle - Penguin Freeze

Now Penguin is ready to take on The Riddler.  He and his new army of freaks head to the Cobblepot mansion to rest up.  Freeze and Firefly are not happy with each other, like fire and ice you might say.  But Ivy calms them both. After watching the news of The Riddler’s crimes, Penguin is ready to attack.

Closing Thoughts:

This episode was for Ed and The Riddler what the January pod of episodes were for Jerome’s Joker.  We are seeing the villains come into their own.  Penguin has his army now too.  This section of the season is called Heroes Rise.  Well they will have to rise to deal with the complex and powerful villains who are threatening the city.


Heroes Rise:  Light The Wick:  Gordon discovers the weapon the Court of Owls will use to destroy Gotham, which leads him on a dangerous path as he tracks it down. Meanwhile, Kathryn (guest star Leslie Hendrix) and Temple Shaman (guest star Raymond J. Barry) reveal their next move to Bruce, and Ivy comes to Selina’s aid in the all-new “Heroes Rise: Light The Wick” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, May 15 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GTH-318) (TV-14 L, V)

BIG NEWS:  The biggest news of all is that Gotham has been renewed for a fourth season!  Karen & I are excited about the prospects of what the new season will bring.  But most of all we are happy to get to podcast about it and have you join us in the process!

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