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How The Riddler Got His Name started this part of Gotham with a bang!  This section of the season is called Heroes Rise.  In order to do that we need villains to challenge them to do that. Between The Riddler, Penguin, The Mad Hatter, The Executioner and the Owls our heroes have to rise!

How The Riddler Got His Name:

GU60 - How The Riddler Got His Name - Ed Oswald

Ed seems a bit off and we see him popping and inhaling pills.  Low and behold who appears but Penguin.  Oswald looks like he just crawled out of the river because he is soaking wet, covered in sea weed and even crabs.  But we quickly learn that this is just a manifestation of Ed’s psyche.  He has seen the error of his ways and the truth in Oswald saying The Riddler needs Penguin.  So Ed has gone about seeking a mentor worthy of him and in the process killed 6 of Gotham’s academic & artistic elite.  None could solve his riddles and were not worthy. After his conversation with Head Penguin (pardon my use of BSG terms here), he sees he does not need a mentor he needs and advisory.  Villains can only rise as high as the heroes opposing them (we know the reverse is true as well). So Ed seeks out Jim Gordon.

Well Jim isn’t there, but we’ll get to him later.  So the dynamic duo of Bullock and Foxy er Fox have to play Ed’s game.  They follow the clues to a chess tournament, to a pawn shop and then on to the academy graduation. The banter is so fun between these two.  “You hit him, I’m wearing my good suit.” “Do you feel destabilized Mr. Peters?” “Thirio is beast in Greek. Half the time I think you make these things up.” I’m all for a buddy copy show with Bullock & Fox.  Thirio ends up dead and Lee finds Bullock’s badge inside of him.  Lucius knows Bullock is the target.  Ed has knocked out Bullock and the cadets.  He has Harvey hanging by threads and will cut him loose if Lucius doesn’t answer one of his three riddles right.  Lucius gets two but Ed will only count one.  Bullock survives!

Later, Ed dresses in his Riddler green and talks with Fox.  He comes clean about the crimes and his reasoning.  He says that Foxy has helped him become the villain he needs to be.  He is the Riddler!  He takes a trip to the docks and the Riddler has his final? conversation with Head Penguin.  He makes peace with himself and dumps the pills in the river.  He dawns his signature green bowler hat and heads off to menace Gotham as the Riddler.

Head Penguin may be gone but the real one is not.  It seem that Ivy rescued him from the river and has been nursing him back to health.  He is back and remembers he needs to kill someone.  Look out Riddler!

Uncle Frank The Owl Riddler:

GU60 - How The Riddler Got His Name - Jim Frank

Uncle Frank has connected with Jim and jim took some time off from the GCPD.  They meet at a hunting cabin.  Frank tells Jim that both he and his dad were members of the Court of Owls.  Jim’s dad wanted to blow the cover of the Court but they had him killed in the accident.  We find out that Jim with with him when it happened (just like in the vision he had earlier in the season). Jim questions Frank about why he is still working for the Court and why he left the family when they needed him most.  Frank becomes the Owl Riddler er Whisper. He sows seeds in Jim’s mind that the two of them can take down the owls from within.  Jim listens but isn’t quite sold yet.  Frank reports this to Kathryn but she says their time table does not have much time for Jim to decide.

Riddle(r) Attack of The Clones:

GU60 - How The Riddler Got His Name - Bruce 5

5 our Bruce clone is reciting his lessons to Kathryn.  She is pleased that he is telling the details of Bruce’s life and acting the part well.  She sends him out to take Bruce’s place.  Meanwhile, Bruce is getting knife throwing lessons from Alfred.  It has been several weeks since Selina found out about her mother’s betrayal and she has not communicated with Bruce.  Alfred says Bruce got a note to meet her, but Bruce is not having it.  Later they have a talk in the kitchen and Alfred convinces Bruce to meet and get some closure.  Bruce agrees.

Bruce heads to the location but Selina is not there.  He runs into Sonny and his gang and they attempt to rob him before Selina intervenes. She and Bruce trade barbs but Bruce finds out Selina didn’t leave the note.  After she leaves, Sonny’s crew tries to beat him up.  He is bloodied but wins the fight.  As he ties to clean up, he sees  double reflections in the mirror.  It is 5 and 5 knocks him out and takes his place at the manor.  Bruce wakes up in a locked cell in the Himalayas.

Closing Thoughts:

Well the Riddler has now come into his own.  I enjoyed the episode because of seeing Ed talk to himself using the Head Penguin vision (I love my Battlestar Galactic so it made sense to me).  I also liked the movement we got with the Court of Owls story on two fronts.  I love that it has us asking questions about why they want Jim? How and when will Frank betray Jim.  Is the Court training Bruce or just have him far away from Gotham.  Well we will just have to wait and see.  Same Gotham time same Gotham channel!


Heroes Rise: These Delicate and Dark Obsessions: The Court of Owls devises a new plan regarding the future of Gotham, as Gordon uncovers information about his father and uncle’s past, connecting him back to the organization. Meanwhile, Bruce wakes up in the temple and learns of the Shaman’s wish for him in the all-new “Heroes Rise: These Delicate and Dark Obsessions” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, May 1 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GTH-316) (TV-14 L, V)

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