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GU24 – S2E02 – Knock, Knock

GU24 – S2E02 – Knock, Knock

In this episode of Gotham, Theo sets his group of Maniax on the city to create chaos.  After an intense battle Jerome is chosen to be the spokesman of the group.  His circus background is coming in to play.  He relishes creating chaos and everyone in his wake is left dead or traumatized.  But the group of Maniax is getting killed off left and right.  Theo had his sister watching over them and she does not hesitate take one out who is about to tell about Theo.

Meanwhile, Bruce & Alfred are exploring the bat cave.  Alfred sees all that Thomas hid from his family, blood, bulletproof vest and weapons.  He sees that Bruce is going down the same path that got his father killed.  So he smashes the computer and a battle of the wills ensues.  Bruce & Alfred finally come to an agreement that Alfred will train Bruce but Bruce has to obey without question.  Alfred has to recruit Lucius Fox to fix the computer and we find out that Lucius had a great respect for Thomas.  He wishes he could have done more to help.  So we see him start his path to becoming an essential part of Bruce’s team.  Read More…

GU23 – S2E1 – Damned If You Do

GU23 – S2E1 – Damned If You Do

Gotham is back!  This season is about the Rise Of The Villains.  This episode shows how the villains growth in power and numbers changes our heroes.  This is best summed up in the late Thomas Wayne’s words to Bruce “You can’t have both happiness and the truth, you must choose. I beg you, my son, to choose happiness unless you feel a calling, a true calling.” Jim Gordon has to make that choice early on in this episode and the episode is bookend by Bruce considering the choice.  Join us now as we discuss the first episode of Season 2 “Damned If You Do.” Read More… 

GU18 – S1E18 – Everyone Has A Cobblepot

GU18 – S1E18 – Everyone Has A Cobblepot

This week, there are some back room dealings going on at the GCPD and bird skeleton jewelry comes into its own! Tune in for this weeks Gotham episode recap and discussion of “Everyone Has A Cobblepot.” Read More…