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GU02 – S1E2 – A Bit Catty Aren’t We?

GU02 – S1E2 – A Bit Catty Aren’t We?

The second episode of Gotham, entitled ‘Selina Kyle’ did not disappoint. We are happy to report that the high caliber storytelling and tone carried over from last week’s pilot. In fact, we liked this episode a bit more than the pilot!

‘Selina Kyle’ brings us a bit more focus on Selina’s character, as well as the introduction of a couple more villains. This episode also dabbles with serious issues like abduction, cutting, and self-mutilation. Jim Gordon’s character development and the Fish Mooney character continue to be intriguing to watch. Read More…

GU01 – S1E1 – Tale of the Turkey Sandwich

GU01 – S1E1 – Tale of the Turkey Sandwich

We finally got a chance to see the Pilot episode and television debut of Gotham. What did we think of it? If one word could sum it up, “Impressive” would be that word. If the Pilot is any indication of the show quality, depth, and look that we will see in future episodes, the future looks bright for the typically dark setting of Gotham.

The Gotham Pilot introduces us to a large chunk of the major players in the series, and does an good job of juggling the sub-plot tie-ins that unite the character timelines. The appearance of several familiar future nefarious characters such as Selina Kyle, Oswald Cobblepot, and Edward Nygma set the stage well for future mischief in Gotham. Read More…

GU00 – S1E0 – Moving Into The Madness

GU00 – S1E0 – Moving Into The Madness

In episode 0 of Gotham Undercover, we offer a preview of the first season of Gotham. There is a lot of buzz about the series, and a ton of interest in seeing some of the Gotham villians backstories played out on screen.

We discuss the Fox teaser preview “Legends Reborn”

Since the show will introduce a large cast of characters we briefly talk about them. Read More…

Golden Spiral Media Announces 9 NEW Podcasts

After a trial run of several new podcasts and hosts throughout the summer, Golden Spiral Media is ready to announce 9 new podcasts for the fall 2014 TV season!

GSMSquare-300x300Who is Golden Spiral Media? What started as The Fringe Podcast in 2008 and became Golden Spiral Media in 2011 is now a premiere podcast network! Golden Spiral Media has built a reputation for in-depth, community engaging, professional quality podcasts about TV, Film, and Self Improvement. Check out our catalog of podcasts.

What is changing? Not much! Previously, all Golden Spiral Media podcasts were hosted by Golden Spiral Media co-founder, Darrell Darnell and one other person. We have now added several new personalities to the Golden Spiral Media host lineup which will allow Golden Spiral Media to deliver more professional quality, community engaging, in-depth podcasts than ever before! Read More…