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The Flashpoint Paradox teaches how the whole world can change with the smallest action.  Barry Allen’s Flash makes the decision to save his mother. It ruins the world and provides us with much different heroes including Batman.  Come along and let’s discuss the impact of one decision.

Flashpoint Paradox:

Barry (Justin Chambers) with the help of the Justice League, Batman (Kevin Conroy), Superman (Sam Daly), Green Lantern (Nathan Fillion), Wonder Woman (Vanessa Marshall), Aquaman (Cary Elwes) and Cyborg (Michael B. Jordan) stop Professor Zoom (C. Thomas Howell) and the rogues gallery. But it leaves Barry thinking about saving his mother.  He runs off to blow off some steam.  But what he does is stop his mother’s murder. One choice reshaped reality.

Barry awakes to this reality.  His mother is alive and happy for him.  But Iris is married to another man and has a child with him.  He is no longer the Flash and so many things have changed.  The world is on the brink of World War III and the culprits aren’t who you might think. The lack of the Flash spread back and forward in time.  Superman crashed and was captured by the government. Cyborg is a tool of the government.  The Green Lanterns never found Hal worthy.  Aquaman chose a political alliance via marriage to Wonder Woman over Mera.  But Mera attacked Wonder Woman and was killed.  This sparked the war with both sides fighting and it devastating the world.

Barry realizes he has to change things back, but with no Superman to change time he needs help.  He needs the help of Batman. The Batman Barry finds is not who he expects.  Thomas Wayne is Batman (Kevin McKidd) and his wife is the Joker.  Bruce was killed instead of them and this drove Martha made.  Thomas is a gun toting vigilante who owns a casino and gave up being a doctor.  He agrees to help Barry recreate the accident that made the Flash after Barry tells him about his earth.  The first attempt fails but the second succeeds. The Flash speeds off to turn back time.  The attempt fails because someone is using the speed force and keeping him there.  The Flashpoint Paradox is sticking.

Batman and the Flash team up with Cyborg’s and free Superman.  Flash and Batman join the Justice League to try and stop the war.  Heroes and villains alike join forces to stop Aquaman & Wonder Woman’s forces but are failing.   The Flash fights with Professor Zoom who has been sapping the speed force.  Zoom tells him that all this is Barry’s fault and the world will fall.  Aquaman sets the Captian Atom bomb to blow and the world is collapsing.  Batman kills Zoom and Barry runs into the speed force.  He stops his early self from stopping his mother’s murder and all is put back the way it should be.

Closing Thoughts:

Well this movie was more of a Flash than Batman story.  But looking at how different Gotham, Batman and the Joker are from what we know was a blast.  It seems that Batman needs a Joker and vice versa.  The reality will fill that void.  So we can see that our Gotham has Jerome and if he stays the Joker for long, who knows but there will always be a Batman & Joker. Once again thanks to Undercover Agent Phenix for suggesting this series to help us get through the long break without Gotham!

Cougar’s Comic Corner:

The movie was based off of the comic book storyline Flashpoint.  That is collected into graphic novel format now.  Please take a look!
Gotham Undercover Extra 3 - Flashpoint Paradox - Comic







Amazon/ComiXology electronic copy
Physical Trade Paperback
Flashpoint: Paradox (if you want to own the movie on BluRay or DVD)


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