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Dawn of Darkness is the official Gotham prequel book by Jason Starr.  The book delves into the lives of characters we meet during the TV show but also ones we don’t.  This book seeks to give us the contest and background to the events we see on screen.  Jason Starr has worked hard to bring the feel of the show to the page.

Gotham: Dawn of Darkness - Book Art

Gotham:  Dawn of Darkness:

Titan Books sent Karen & I copies to review and to give away.  Starr wrote this book with the events of seasons 1 and 2 in mind.  While Gotham:  Dawn of Darkness is a prequel book, I would caution you to watch seasons 1 and 2 first.  His work is not meant to spoil the show but personally I think you would get more out of it reading after watching.

This book starts off just weeks before the start of season 1.  Through the course of the book we get to know Thomas Wayne, Martha Wayne, and several other characters that are mentioned in the TV series but not seen on screen. I feel the book gives us great insight into the home life of Bruce before the tragic loss of his parents.  It cements his character and drive in life.  We also get to learn more about Alfred, his relationship with the Wayne’s and how important he is to Bruce.  Harvey Bullock plays a major roll in the book as he investigates a break-in at Wayne Manor. We also get a glimpse of Ed and Oswald. Plus there are some major and minor players from season two, but I don’t want to spoil the fun.

The premise of the book is a break-in at Wayne Manor draws Harvey & his partner into the Wayne’s sphere.  They are intent on helping find the missing painting but there are things that don’t jive.  Thomas is secretive, the manor of the robbery is off, and mystery surrounds the motives.  Thomas is withdrawn and worried and no one can seem to break through all the way.  Bruce wants justice and wants to train in boxing to defend himself.  Alfred has to play protector and go between.  There are big mysteries afoot and in Gotham things are never black and white.

My only nit picks are some world inaccuracies.  We have seen flip phones in the series but no smart phones, yet smart phones are mentioned along with caller ID.  Gotham is such a weird mix of technology and fashion eras so it is hard to blame Starr for missing a few things.

Closing Thoughts:

“You can’t get by on nice in Gotham,” — Thomas Wayne

“…monsters are a true mystery. You can think you know a monster, but there’s always a part of the monster that’s elusive, that you’ll never know or fully understand.” –Bruce

I don’t want to give too much away, but I really enjoyed Dawn of Darkness and because of Jason’s work with the writers and staff of Gotham it is cannon.  It gives so much more insight in to the characters on screen and to the plot development we have seen over the last few seasons.  I feel like I have a clearer understanding of Gotham.  I do highly recommend reading the book.  It is a quick read and will help tide you over until Gotham returns for the rest of season 3.

I encourage you to get your copy today by clicking here.


We have three hard copies to give away.  Listen to the podcast for the trivia question.
Email us at or use our feedback page to submit your answer, and three winners will receive a mass-market paperback copy of Gotham: Dawn of Darkness by Jason Starr

Gotham Undercover Extras:

Gotham may be off the air in February, March and most of April. But Gotham Undercover is not going to leave you Gotham-less. Fellow Undercover Agent Phenix made a suggestion and we liked it. So during the break you will get and get to participate in 3 Gotham Undercover Extras. We will take a look at three Batman related films and discuss how they may tie into Gotham. We’ll discuss the characters and more. But we need you to help and make this a full discussion. Karen (Scarlet Cougar), John (the Substitute), and Geoff (xforce11) will do a round table discussion, but we need your help! Watch the movies along with us, send in your feedback (audio or written), and be a part of the discussion.

Here is the schedule:
Gotham Extra 1: Batman Returns, to discuss the Burton era. Feedback deadline is Feb. 16th at 6pm.
Gotham Extra 2: Batman: The Dark Knight, to discuss the Nolan era. Feedback deadline is March 2nd at 6pm.
Gotham Extra 3: Flashpoint: Paradox, to discuss the animated movies. Feedback deadline is March 16th at 6pm.

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