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Talking Through Laura!!!

On episode 40 of Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through, Kyle and I are joined again by TWDTT co-host Mark, as we talk through Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5, titled Laura.

Laura was written by Anna Fishko, and directed by Michael E. Satrazemis.

Forgive us for being late this week, but I was not available to edit the episode like I normally am.

Billy Bass alarm clocks!

Kyle and Mark both had reservations and suspicions about John, but they do no longer! They have joined me for being members of the John Dorie Fan Club! Anyone who has a Billy Bass alarm clock can’t be a bad guy! I just love everything about John. I want to BE John. I just hope that Naomi’s not dead after all and that he will meet up with her in the end.

Laura, what’s your story?

Why Laura/Naomi didn’t stay with John at the end is beyond me, but at least she said consistently from first arriving until she left that she would be leaving. That’s why I haven’t gone completely ballistic over her. I don’t understand why she won’t stay, what she has to get back to, and, if she HAD to get back, why didn’t she take John with her? I definitely hope we will get an answer soon. She reminds me of a couple of past girlfriends a little too much.

What’s the Laura consensus?

We all loved it! What else can be said?

Regular Feedback Deadline!!!

Please leave your feedback by 6 PM Eastern/5 PM Central on Tuesday, May 22, 2018. We will be discussing Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 6, titled Just in Case. We may finally know what happened at the diamond.

Other Fun Stuff Completely Unrelated to Laura!

I mentioned on this week’s podcast that I might not be on next week, but since we recorded, I can how tell you that I will be on next week. However, Mark will not be, so it’ll just be Kyle and me.

If you want to help pay for the editing of this and other podcasts, I mentioned how you can donate credits to my Auphonic account, which I use to make these episodes sound so good! That link is:

I announced several weeks ago that I have a serious personal/family issue that’s happened to me, the details of which I will not publish on this blog, Facebook, or Twitter. I’ve re-purposed last year’s request to help me pay for a new hard drive on GoFundMe, to help pay for other needs, and there’s a new dollar amount. Thanks to all who have contributed so far! We have the best listeners in all of podcastdom! And, if you need your podcasts edited, contact GSM leader Darrell at Pro Podcast Solutions, and tell him Brian sent you! Maybe he can send it my way or give me a finder’s fee!

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