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Talking Through Things Bad Begun/Sleigh Ride

Well we are at the end of the road… er Dam… with the finale of Season Three of Fear the Walking Dead. It’s been a fun ride with some let downs but overall this was one of the best that this show has produced. Drama, New Characters, Terrors, and some Feels. Madison had decent overall growth as a character. Her two kids, Nick and Alicia, did as well. But now with the end of Dave Erickson as showrunner and two new ones on the way. He sends us off into the wild vast alpacalips.. um Apocalypse. What does this mean for our characters (who as far as we know are still alive). Where did they go? Well, join Brian and Kyle and our special guest from the Facebook Group! Lara Wille-Swink joins us as we discuss all things in this episode of Fear the Walking Dead Talkhrough Episode 15 Things Bad Begun and Episode 16 Sleigh Ride.

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